Tuesday, January 22


Dead Sea Scrolls Go to Court

A scholarly dispute devolves into criminal impersonation.

Monday, January 21


High School Is a Sadistic Institution

The science behind why high school sucks.


The Force

How the United States came to spend more on defense than all the other nations of the world combined.

Sunday, January 20


Stranded on the Roof of the World

Afghanistan’s Kyrgyz nomads survive in one of Earth’s most remote places, a pocket of land 14,000 feet high where the currency is sheep, the dream is a road, and many will go an entire lifetime without ever seeing a tree.

Saturday, January 19


The Unsuccessful Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln

Learning of a plot against the life of the newly elected Lincoln, Alan Pinkerton decamps to Baltimore and infiltrates the conspiracy.


Baudrillard and Babes at the Consumer Electronics Show

A trip to CES, “what a World’s Fair might look like if brands were more important than countries.”

Friday, January 18


Deception Is Futile

In search of the perfect lie detector test.


Diving Deep into Danger

On commercial diving, the third most deadly profession.

Longform Podcast #24: Stephen Rodrick

In this special episode with Stephen Rodrick, contributing writer at the New York Times Magazine and contributing editor at Men's Journal, Rodrick discusses his recent story "Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan in Your Movie."

"Publicists don't want to give you access because they're afraid of what you're going to see. But if you spend enough time with anybody, short of Mussolini or Ghengis Khan, they're going to humanize themselves. Because they're human beings, like you are. And they have whatever demented battles they're fighting, their version of crazy, but if you get to spend some time with them as flesh and blood, they're going to come across as flesh and blood in the story."

Show Notes »

Theater of Pain

Being injured in the NFL.


Solving Kathy Mabry's Murder

How an overzealous forensic pathologist and his odontologist sidekick put innocent Mississippi residents behind bars – and let killers run free.