Monday, April 9


What’s Eating the NYPD?

The toll of being a cop on the most successful force in the country.

Sunday, April 8

The Longform Guide to Animal Attacks

The Longform Guide to Animal Attacks

From grizzlies in Alaska to whales at SeaWorld, stories of animals turning on humans. At Slate.


Ring My Bell

A history of the cell phone ringtone.

Many recent hip-hop songs make terrific ringtones because they already sound like ringtones. The polyphonic and master-tone versions of “Goodies,” by Ciara, for example, are nearly identical. Ringtones, it turns out, are inherently pop: musical expression distilled to one urgent, representative hook. As ringtones become part of our environment, they could push pop music toward new levels of concision, repetition, and catchiness.

Saturday, April 7


Art for Everybody

On the empire built by “Painter of Light” Thomas Kinkade.


New Tiger, Old Stripes

How the golfer hasn’t changed, post-scandal.

Try as his publicity squad might, it's tough to maintain—or now restore—the Tiger Image when former insiders sprout secret-sharing campaigns. "It's always a divorce," David Feherty, longtime commentator and golf-gab-show host, told me recently. "Tiger expects the curtains to remain drawn, and when somebody opens them, it pisses him off. He has appeared superhuman for so long, and it's like he feels the need to perpetuate that myth."

Friday, April 6


A Daughter's Revenge

The complicated case of Brigitte Harris, who, after years of abuse, accidentally killed her father by cutting off his penis.


Why the Titanic Still Fascinates Us

How movies, music and literature reproduce the disaster.


The People vs. the IRS

Why dealing with the IRS is so difficult – and the woman charged with making it easier:

[Nina] Olson noted that the IRS relied on computers to audit all but the highest-income brackets. “We’re getting to a situation where the only people who will get face-to-face audits are the 1 Percent,” she said. “For the majority of taxpayers, the IRS has become faceless, nameless, with no accountability and no liability.”


Concentration Camp

An anonymous essay on time spent in “protective custody” at a Nazi camp.

Thursday, April 5


Oh, This Is Great

On the Texas-sized trash island floating in the Pacific.


Fight on State

The inside story of Pennsylvania’s governor and the fall of Joe Paterno.