Sunday, October 28


Monopoly Is Theft

The surprising anti-monopolist origins of the world’s most popular board game.

Saturday, October 27


The Two Rogers

Reflections on Mr. Angell, Mr. Kahn and Dad.


Spain's Robin Hood

Working within Andalusia’s impoverished farming communities, a ragtag pair of longtime union leaders have been leading raids on local supermarkets.

Friday, October 26


The Kindness of Beasts

On the moral behavior of animals.


Thomas Quick: the Swedish serial killer who never was

He confessed to more than 30 murders. But Thomas Quick (also known as Sture Bergwall) may not have committed any of them.


General Failure

The U.S. military’s leadership problem.


Life on Matinicus Island

How modernity – and an eruption of violence – changed “the most remote inhabited island on the Atlantic seaboard.”

Thursday, October 25


He Came from Outer Space

Barry Zito, profiled.


The Broke Broker: He’s Got Keys to the Best Apartments, But Lacks One of His Own

Bruce Cawsey Waite has no home, no office, and wears a dead man’s suit.


'Perplexed ... Perplexed': On Mob Justice in Nigeria

“When I’m in Nigeria, I find myself looking at the passive, placid faces of the people standing at the bus stops. They are tired after a day’s work, and thinking perhaps of the long commute back home, or of what to make for dinner. I wonder to myself how these people, who surely love life, who surely love their own families, their own children, could be ready in an instant to exact a fatal violence on strangers.”

Wednesday, October 24

Longform Podcast #13: Adrian Chen

Adrian Chen is a staff writer at Gawker and editor at The New Inquiry.

"I've never written a magazine feature. [My writing is] similar, in that I try to bring in the bigger issues, and not just, you know, be funny or tell a sensational story. But I think it's also kind of rough and sketchy in the way that blog posts are. Longform blog writing is like, I don't spend a long time editing or looking it over. It's like, just type as fast as you can and try to cram all of your research in, and then it goes up."

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