Friday, August 23


D'Andre Brown's Basketball Dream

On not making the NBA.

Thursday, August 22


The Line of Fire

How volunteer firefighters responded to a lethal West, Texas explosion.


Wednesday, August 21


How The Light Gets Out

“In the computer age, it is not hard to imagine how a computing machine might construct, store and spit out the information that ‘I am alive, I am a person, I have memories, the wind is cold, the grass is green,’ and so on. But how does a brain become aware of those propositions? ”

Longform Podcast #56: Joshuah Bearman

Joshuah Bearman is the co-founder of Epic Magazine and a freelance writer. His latest story is "Coronado High."

"People who know me well will realize that parts of this story are actually about me. … It's about loss of innocence and getting to a certain point in your life where you realize the excitement of youth is over. Life at a certain point gets complicated and there are consequences and things get hard. These are people who dealt with those consequences in a way that I never did — they had to go to prison or destroy their friends lives — but that's what I liked about this story. It's a true crime story, but it became universal when I realized that there is this emotional experience that these characters go through that anybody can relate to."

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The Killing Machines

A briefing on drone warfare.


Mailman at 72 With America’s Longest Route

On the job with America’s senior citizen letter carriers.

Tuesday, August 20


The Cruelest Sport

“Professional boxing is the only major American sport whose primary, and often murderous, energies are not coyly deflected by such artifacts as balls and pucks.”


Sonny Rollins, the Colossus

A profile of the saxophone player at 82.


After Bloomberg

What kind of New York is Mayor Mike leaving behind?


Medora Goes To The Game

A father and his 9-year-old daughter watch Harvard play Yale in football.