Sunday, November 25


The Killing of Gus Hasford

He came home from Vietnam, wrote the novel that became Full Metal Jacket, was nominated for an Oscar and riding high. Then he got thrown in jail for stockpiling stolen library books, started drinking, cut off his friends and fled to a remote Greek island. He never made it back.


On the Lam in Lebanon

The Syrian civil war crosses into Lebanon.

Saturday, November 24


Larry Hagman's Curtain Call

A profile of the late actor.


Time, and the Great Healer

In 1943, a young research scientist found a cure for TB. It should have been the proudest moment of Albert Schatz’s life, but ever since he has watched, helpless, as his mentor got all the credit.


The Other Shooter

The afterlife of 486 frames of Kodachrome II 8mm film shot by Dallas clothing manufacturer Abraham Zapruder.

Friday, November 23



How a woman who couldn’t stop sleeping woke up.


A Complete History of Gerbiling So Far

Richard Gere, AIDS anxiety and the search for the “Original Gerbil.”

Thursday, November 22


The Hard Life of an NFL Long Shot

The story of a rookie clinging to his dream, as told by his uncle.


The Lying Disease

On an affliction for the digital age, “Munchausen by internet.”


Damien Hirst: Jumping the Shark

The market for Hirst’s work is in a tailspin. Why?

Wednesday, November 21


Dr. Nakamats, the Man With 3300 Patents to His Name

A profile of Sir Dr. NakaMats, who claims to have invented over 3,000 things, including the floppy disk and karaoke machine.


Fort Bragg's Deadly Summer

Looking for answers following a mysterious string of slayings and suicides at the base.