Wednesday, September 12



The evolution of cheating in chess.

Longform Podcast #6: Mac McClelland

Mac McClelland is a human rights reporter for Mother Jones.

"There's a lot of strength and resiliance even in the worst stories ever. I mean, you do get bogged down by how much evil so many people are willing to perpetrate in the world. But I guess the little beam of sunshine that you're looking for, that hits me in the face in the morning, is just the character and intergrity of the people who are involved. "

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The Strange Fate of Kim's Video

How the museum-quality 55,000 film collection that an East Village video store gave away ended up in a small, possibly mob-run village in Sicily.


Eddie Is Gone

On surf legend Eddie Aikau and the complicated history of Hawaii.


Crushing Debt Drove Me to Kosovo — And Then to Iraq

On working in a war zone to pay the bills.

Tuesday, September 11


Obama’s Way

Unprecedented access to six months in the life of the President of the United States.


Lost and Found

The old and the new in New York.


The Sometimes-Picayune

“Has anybody in Westchester County ever called the New York Times his or her ‘friend’? I realize that the rest of America, in its post-Katrina fatigue, is pretty tired of hearing New Orleanians, the city’s acolytes and defenders, always carrying on about how it’s the most unique city in America, but, the fact is, it is. Get over it.

And so, too, is its newspaper.”


Cosmo, the Hacker 'God' Who Fell to Earth

A 15-year-old hacker and his tricks.

Monday, September 10


The Revolutionary Energy of the Outmoded

Retro, apocalypticism, and our “culture of disaster.”


A Guitar's Life

An instrument’s impact on a handful of Texans.