Monday, October 15


Death of a Giant

Stalking bluefin tuna, the most valuable wild animal in the world.


Boss Rail

How a high-speed rail disaster exposed China’s corruption.

Sunday, October 14


Joan Didion: The Art of Nonfiction No. 1

I can’t ask anything. Once in a while if I’m forced into it I will conduct an interview, but it’s usually pro forma, just to establish my credentials as somebody who’s allowed to hang around for a while. It doesn’t matter to me what people say to me in the interview because I don’t trust it.

The Comedian Who Became a Joke

The tragi-comic career of a nobody comedian from the 1940s who ditched his wife, child, and eventually his own name.

Saturday, October 13


Blind Ambition

Captain Iván Castro, who lost his vision in Iraq, runs the Boston Marathon.


The Hunt for "Geronimo"

How Barack Obama decided to green-light the operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

Friday, October 12


Unmasking Reddit’s Violentacrez, the Biggest Troll on the Web

An argument for outing a notorious message board member: “Under Reddit logic, outing Violentacrez is worse than anonymously posting creepshots of innocent women, because doing so would undermine Reddit’s role as a safe place for people to anonymously post creepshots of innocent women. I am OK with that.”


Why Is This Man Running For President Of The Internet?

Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian launches an ambitious campaign.

Longform Podcast #11: Joshuah Bearman

Joshuah Bearman discusses "The Great Escape," his article about a CIA operation in Iran that became the basis for the new film Argo.

"We were sitting there and we were like, 'This would be perfect for George Clooney.' And it very quickly in fact turned out that George Clooney wanted it. So not long after David and I had been having our daydream, we had this project that Clooney had taken quickly into the empyrean heights of Hollywood."

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Millionaires Clash Over Shadyside Mansion

A strange, ongoing property battle among the richest of Texans.


The Greatest Fake-Art Scam in History?

How a couple made millions on uncanny forgeries.

Thursday, October 11


Death of the American Hobo

The last men who ride the rails, “where silence and lawlessness still reign.”