Wednesday, August 14

Longform Podcast #55: Amy Harmon

Amy Harmon, a Pulitzer Prize winner, covers the intersection of science and society for the New York Times.

"I'm not looking to expose science as problematic and I'm not looking to celebrate it. But it can be double edged. Genetic knowledge can certainly be double edged. Often the science outpaces where our culture is in terms of grappling with it, with the implications of it. Part of the reason for this widespread fear about GMOs is people don't understand what it is. I'm looking for an emotional way or a vehicle through which to get people to read about it. It's an excuse to talk about the science, not just explain it. … My contribution, what I can do, is try to tell a story that will engage people in the story and then they'll realize at the end that they learned a little bit about the science."

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A profile of Russell Baze, the winningest jockey in American history.


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Tuesday, August 13


The Poorest Rich Kids in the World

Georgia and Patterson Inman, 15-year-old twins, are the only living heirs to the $1 billion Duke tobacco fortune. They are also emotional wrecks, tortured by a hellacious childhood in which they were raised by drug addicts and left to fend for themselves in mansions across the country.


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Monday, August 12


The Men Who Want AIDS—and How It Improved Their Lives

The benefits of getting sick in New York.


The 15-Year Layover

Mehran Karimi Nasseri was without a country, a family or a home. Then he landed at Terminal One at Charles de Gaulle Airport. The article that inspired The Terminal.


The Eyeful Tower

A profile of André Leon Talley.

Sunday, August 11



How the heir to a horse racing empire became an informant on the Zetas cartel as they pushed their money laundering operations into the lucrative quarter horse trade.


Journey Through Morocco

Departing Marrakech by car with a plan to record music for the Library of Congress.