Saturday, June 23


My Father's Voice

Remembering George Plimpton’s old-fashioned style.

Above all, he was a gentleman, one of the last—a figure so archaic, it could be easily mistaken for something else. No, my father’s voice was not an act, something chosen or practiced in front of mirrors: he came from a different world, where people talked differently, and about different things; where certain things were discussed, and certain things were not—and his voice simply reflected this.

Friday, June 22


Doctor's Orders

A profile of Doc Johnson, “the Procter & Gamble of sex toys.”


Inside Peoples Temple

An early investigation into Jim Jones’ cult.


When My Crazy Father Actually Lost His Mind

On caring for a bipolar parent amidst a broken mental health care system.


The Battle Over Climate Science

Inside the increasingly hostile global warming debate.

Thursday, June 21


The Fall of the Creative Class

The case against Richard Florida.


Jersey Boys

One night in Newark with Chris Christie and Bruce Springsteen.

“No one is beyond the reach of Bruce!” he screams over the noise of the crowd, and then screams it again, to make sure I understand: “No one is beyond the reach of Bruce!”



A profile of Ann Coulter, “the glowing scimitar of the American right.”

Wednesday, June 20


Sleeping With Weapons

The bizarre story of the disappearance of “downtown legend” John Lurie after a former friend resolved to take his life.


My Mother, My Daughter

“My mother became my daughter when I was nine years old.”