Saturday, November 10


If You Go Chasing Rabbits...

More than forty years later, tracking down an elementary school crush.


When Thugs and Hustlers Ruled Dark Alleys

The gamblers and teenage cons who haunted New York City’s 60s-era all night bowling alleys.

Friday, November 9


Kafka in Beijing

An alleged rape and one woman’s futile quest for justice in modern China.


The Greatest Team That Never Was

Dunks, drugs, and disappointment: an oral history of the 1980s Houston Rockets.


Genius: The Nickelback Story

How a loathsome band makes gobs of money.

Thursday, November 8


Secrets, Schemes, and Lots of Guns: Inside John McAfee's Heart of Darkness

Why is an anti-virus software giant in the Belizean jungle surrounded by  gang members?


The Man Who Smelled Too Much

William Nowell got a windfall and got off the streets. The only problem were his neighbors – and his odor.


Book Shopping with the Best-Read Man in America

Browsing the stacks with The Washington Post’s Michael Dirda.

Wednesday, November 7


Rio: The Fight for the Favelas

On the experimental favela police force UPP (aka “The Big Skull”) and their efforts to clean Rio’s largest slum in advance of the World Cup and Olympics.


The World is Watching

The US election as witnessed by 25 reporters in 23 countries.

Longform Podcast #15: Jonah Weiner

Jonah Weiner, contributing editor at Rolling Stone, pop critic at Slate, and contributor to The New York Times Magazine and The New Yorker.

"The thing that I've found useful is really actually to delete everything that I've written and go at it fresh, and re-envision it again: this is going to be my new lede now. That's really the best way to do it, because if there are these vestigial sentences, and vestigial sequences or paragraphs that are in the draft, for me, that's just going to snap me back to where my head was at, in an unproductive way ... Often, I'll find that that is just this great cure-all. Just delete it all, go for a walk or whatever, and then sit down and start writing an entirely different feature about the exact same subject."

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