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Sunday, October 9


The Year of Reading Differently

The author reluctantly commits to a Kindle.

Saturday, October 8


Beautiful Brains

On the minds of teenagers.


Backyard Bloodbath

On the backyard wrestling clubs of South Florida.


The Jewish Holly-Go-Lightly

Love advice from a beloved aunt.

I try to call my Great Aunt Doris every day. She's ninety-years old and lives alone. I love her desperately and as she gets older, especially of late as she becomes more feeble, my love seems to be picking up velocity, overwhelming me almost, tinged as it is with panic -- I'm so afraid of losing her.

Friday, October 7


Can Cancer Ever Be Ignored?

The controversy over a widely-used prostate cancer screening test.


The Town That Blew Away

Fourteen other tornadoes hit Georgia on April 27 and 28. This was not the record — that would be twenty, during Tropical Storm Alberto in 1994. But it was one of the worst twenty-four-hour periods in the history of the state. Tornadoes hit Trenton, Cherokee Valley, south of LaGrange, and Covington; killed seven people in a neighborhood in Catoosa County, swept through Ringgold, and killed two more — a disabled man and his caregiver — in a double-wide trailer on the far end of Spalding County. Those tornadoes got all the attention. The Vaughn tornado didn’t even warrant an article in a major newspaper. No one talked about Vaughn. The only way for a person to really find out about it was to drive past.

The Ballad of Richard Jewell

How the media and law enforcement fingered the wrong man for the 1996 Olympic Park bombing.



The author gets a job writing about amusement parks.

Thursday, October 6



On the phenomenal, disturbing influence of Ayn Rand.


Interview: Jeffrey Eugenides

Jonathan Safran Foer It’s been an awfully long time since we last spoke. Four years? And it’s been a long time since the reading world last got new material from you. About seven years? What’s been going on? Jeffrey Eugenides I’ve been writing a book.

Spalding Gray’s Tortured Soul

The monologist as a young man.