Monday, August 6

The Atul Gawande Archive on Longform

The Atul Gawande Archive

The mystery of the itch, the case for focusing on our neediest patients, an investigation of solitary confinement and more—Gawande's pieces on Longform.


Big Med

What the health care industry can learn from how The Cheesecake Factory does business.


The Slave Who Sailed Around the World

On Enrique of Malacca, “the closest thing there is to a hero in the story of Ferdinand Magellan’s horribly botched attempt to circumnavigate the world.”

Sunday, August 5



On distance running and the art of exhaustion.


The Economics of Serial Dating: A Case Study

What one woman spends in a year.

Saturday, August 4


Does Cybercrime Really Cost $1 Trillion?

No, but for security software companies it’s a useful fiction.


My Platonic Sweetheart

In a posthumously published essay, Twain recounts dreams of a long-lost love.

Friday, August 3


The Loved One

In the late 90s, an American man adopted a 5-year-old from the Ukraine. A decade later, one of the two would be accused of molesting young boys. The other would be charged with murder.


The Long, Lawless Ride of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

A profile of “not just the toughest but the most corrupt and abusive sheriff in America.”


99 Ways to Be Naughty in Kazakhstan

How Cosmo, with 64 international editions and a readership that would make it the world’s 16th largest country, conquered the globe.


The Narco Tunnels of Nogales

The underground routes by which drugs enter the U.S. from Mexico, and the officials who’ve found it almost impossible to curb their construction.

Thursday, August 2