Friday, March 15


After the Mile

The story of Tim Danielson, one of America’s top high school distance runners, who went on to murder his ex-wife.


The Things They Leave Behind

Mementos left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the man in charge of cataloging them.

Thursday, March 14


The Crush of the Ring

“He was, it must be said, a pig. And my heart grew fonder.”


Wednesday, March 13

Longform Podcast #32: Jake Silverstein

Jake Silverstein is editor-in-chief of Texas Monthly.

"Texas is not a frontier in the same way it was 150 years ago, but it still has a frontier mentality. And that's definitely true from a journalistic standpoint. ... You have more of a feeling that you're figuring things out for yourself. Which means that you make more mistakes, but you also have a little bit more leeway and freedom to find a certain path down here than you would if you were surrouded by other magazines and media companies."

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Show Notes »

Ted Kennedy Jr. Is (Finally) Ready for the Family Business

A profile of a 51-year-old preparing himself for the inevitable.


My Brother’s Life, Unraveled

The story of a suicide.


There Is Only Awe

On Julian Jaynes, a Princeton psychologist who told the story of how humans learned to think.

Tuesday, March 12


The Big Short War

On a battle between billionaire hedge-funders.


In the Eye of the Whirlpool

Searching for a mysterious whirpool on an obscure map.


De Nimes

The history of blue jeans, “America’s greatest contribution to the global closet.”