Thursday, January 26


A Question of Fairness

Clarence Thomas, then-chairman of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, profiled by Juan Williams:

He agrees with Reagan's characterization of the civil-rights leaders as old men fomenting discontent to justify their own "rather good positions." "The issue is economics—not who likes you." Thomas has told me. "And when you have the economics, people do have a way of changing their attitudes toward you. I don't see how the civil-rights people today can claim Malcolm X as one of their own. Where does he say black people should go begging the Labor Department for jobs? He was hell on integrationists. Where does he say you should sacrifice your institutions to be next to white people?"


Apple’s iPad and the Human Costs for Workers in China

“We’re trying really hard to make things better,” said one former Apple executive. “But most people would still be really disturbed if they saw where their iPhone comes from.”

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The Accused

A survivor’s frightening account.

Wednesday, January 25


The Devastating Costs of the Amazon Gold Rush

How black market mining is destroying the Peruvian rain forest and enslaving child workers.


The Teachings of Speaker Gingrich

Reviewing Newt Gingrich as historian and intellectual.


Victoria Jackson's Excellent Tea Party Adventure

How one of the most maligned cast members in SNL history ended up a talking head on Fox News.

Tuesday, January 24


Love Me, Hate Me, Just Don't Ignore Me

Terrell ‘T.O’ Owens is 38, currently unemployed, nearly bankrupt after losing his shirt in a electronic-bingo entertainment complex development plan gone bust, father of four children (one of which he has never met), and bowls frequently.


The Caging of America

On the scandal of our teeming prisons.


Everyone Is an Immigrant

On the Italian island Lampedusa— “politically Europe, but geographically Africa”—as a wave of African immigrants is due to arrive from Libya by boat, ruining the tourist season.

Monday, January 23


The New French Hacker-Artist Underground

On the French urban exploration group UX—”sort of like an artist’s collective, but far from being avant-garde—confronting audiences by pushing the boundaries of the new—its only audience is itself.”


Gareth Thomas...The Only Openly Gay Male Athlete

How a rugby legend came out and made history.