Sunday, March 17


The Informant

A participant in a deadly shooting spree decides to snitch on his friends.

Saturday, March 16


Greed Is Groupon

The daily deals company turned down a $6 billion offer from Google and went public. Now its stock is down 80% and its founder/CEO has been fired. On Groupon’s failed strategy and tenuous future.


A Sentence Worse Than Death

The author on his 25 years in solitary confinement.

Friday, March 15


A Tale of Two Londons

“We can conclude at least two things with certainty about the tenants of One Hyde Park: they are extremely wealthy, and most of them don’t want you to know who they are and how they got their money.”


In Mississippi, the Mysterious Murder of a Gay, Black Politician

It’s tempting to think Marco McMillian was killed because of his race, his sexuality, or because he was running for mayor. The truth is more elusive.


After the Mile

The story of Tim Danielson, one of America’s top high school distance runners, who went on to murder his ex-wife.


The Things They Leave Behind

Mementos left at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial and the man in charge of cataloging them.

Thursday, March 14


The Crush of the Ring

“He was, it must be said, a pig. And my heart grew fonder.”


Wednesday, March 13

Longform Podcast #32: Jake Silverstein

Jake Silverstein is editor-in-chief of Texas Monthly.

"Texas is not a frontier in the same way it was 150 years ago, but it still has a frontier mentality. And that's definitely true from a journalistic standpoint. ... You have more of a feeling that you're figuring things out for yourself. Which means that you make more mistakes, but you also have a little bit more leeway and freedom to find a certain path down here than you would if you were surrouded by other magazines and media companies."

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