Tuesday, May 22


The Anchor

A profile of Univision’s Jorge Ramos.


Why Johnny Can't Ride

“What are you doing here?” Loggins asked Janette. Janette thought this an odd question. “It’s Bike to Work Day,” she said. “Did you ride your bike to school?”“Bicycling isn’t allowed at Maple Avenue School,” said Loggins. Janette did a double take. “You’re kidding me,” she said. “Right?”

Monday, May 21


What Happened to Abbey's Mom

The story of Nicole Davis, a 25-year-old woman diagnosed with breast cancer six months into her pregnancy.


The Ultimate Counterfeiter Isn't a Crook—He's an Artist

A painter’s dogged, doomed pursuit of the perfect $100 bill.


Caballo Blanco’s Last Run: The Micah True Story

The search for a missing ultramarathoner in New Mexico’s Gila Wilderness, and the life that lead him there.


The Yankee Comandante

The story of William Morgan: American, wanderer, Cuban revolutionary.

Sunday, May 20


Brothel, Washington DC

A summer as a whorehouse Madame.


The Pretender

A profile of singer-songwriter Will Oldham.

He has settled into character as an uncanny troubadour, singing a sort of transfigured country music, and he has become, in his own subterranean way, a canonical figure. Johnny Cash covered him, Björk has championed him (she invited him to appear on the soundtrack of “Drawing Restraint 9”), and Madonna, he suspects, has quoted him (her song “Let It Will Be” seems to borrow from his “O Let It Be,” though he says, “I’m fully prepared to accept that it’s a coincidence”).

Saturday, May 19


To Be or Not to Be?

An essay on the “history, meaning and practice of suicide, from third-century Christian death cults to the Aurora Bridge.”


Is Lindsay Too Tall to Be Mayor?

The author reflects on his mayoral run with Norman Mailer against John Lindsay.

At the bar one night a couple of weeks after the primary, I looked up from a drink and saw my face and Norman's face floating across the screen on the NBC First Tuesday show. It is a network thing, and they did a 20-minute look at our campaign. The show reinforced my opinion that Norman and I had some of the most terrific lows in the history of anything that ever took place in this city. And, perhaps, a couple of highs that could be recognized as time passes a bit. Like maybe colleges for years will be using the things Norman Mailer was saying out in the streets.

Friday, May 18


The Most Dangerous Game

The parallel lives of a KGB defector and his CIA handler.