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Wednesday, June 8


Three-Man Weave

On witnessing an incredible junior college basketball game 23 years ago in North Dakota.


Paw Paw & Lady Love

The life and death of Anna Nicole Smith.


You Blow My Mind. Hey, Mickey!

A journey to Disney World with kids and weed.


The Hustler

No one argues before the Supreme Court more than Tommy Goldstein.

Tuesday, June 7


The Secret History of Boeing’s Killer Drone

The bitter rivalry within the aerospace industry to produce unmanned combat aircrafts.


Product Placement in Modern Poetry

In pre-modern poetry, Shakespeare, who mentioned everything, would probably have name checked products if he could, but there were few goods with the maker’s name on them: though he would specify the street or town which had given origin to a certain cut of sleeve.

Zach Galifianakis Can't Help It

A profile of the up-and-coming comedian just after the cancellation of his VH1 talk show, Late World with Zach. His sentiment at the time: “Hollywood is just such a fucking idiot machine.”


Anthony Weiner’s Long, Long Audition

A profile of the up-and-coming New York politician, who at the time was toying with a run for mayor.

Monday, June 6


The Redeemer

A profile of filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar during the 2004 Cannes International Film Festival.


The Man Who Sees Another Crash

Bob Rodriguez, the oracular mutual fund manager with the best record over the last quarter century and two correctly-predicted crashes under his belt, says another spectacular crash is on its way within five years.


The Baddest Lawyer in the History of Jersey

On the complete corruption of Paul Bergin, a federal attorney turned high-priced defense lawyer now awaiting trial on a host of charges.

If Paul is guilty of half the things they say, he’d be the craziest, most evil lawyer in the history of the State of New Jersey. That is saying something.