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Friday, June 3


For Victims of AIDS, Support in a Lonely Siege

A brutal story from the Times’ cub Metro reporter:

''We're dying,'' he said. ''Why is this happening? Is it because we loved each other too much or not enough?"


The Invention of Patient Zero

It was the worst AIDS crisis in years—until it wasn’t.


Hunting for the Hidden Killers: AIDS

Pathologists and epidemiologists take on “the confounding killer known as AIDS.”


In Which We Are Back In Nigeria Now

On returning to Lagos after years abroad.

It is always understood when you leave Nigeria as a Nigerian that you will return at some point.


The Accidental Bricoleurs

On Forever 21 and the rise of “fast fashion”:

They have changed fashion from a garment making to an information business, optimizing their supply chains to implement design tweaks on the fly.



500 feet below ground with Ohio coal miners:

I followed them underground, home, to church, to the strip club where they drink and gossip and taunt and jab and worry about one another. I listened while they worried about Smitty, the loner of the group, who had just ordered himself a mail-order woman.


Angel of Death: The Trial of the Suicide Doctor

“Is he Socrates or Mengele?” On the late Jack Kevorkian.

Thursday, June 2


Interview with Joe Sacco

On comics and journalism:

Now, when you draw, you can always capture that moment. You can always have that exact, precise moment when someone’s got the club raised, when someone’s going down. I realize now there’s a lot of power in that.


The United States of America vs. Bill Keller

Inside the complicated world of running The New York Times.


Destroying Detroit (in Order to Save It)

A ride-along with the guys tasked with demolishing the city’s 10,000 “abandoned, godforsaken homes.”