Wednesday, March 18


Rogue Wounds

A brief history of pretending to be sick.

Tuesday, March 17


Luminous Life

In the deep ocean, a swimming sea-worm called a “green bomber” can throw sacs of light when attacked.


The Accident

An essay on a fatal car crash in the author’s youth.


Inside Baghdad's Brutal Battle Against ISIS

Even ISIS’s opponents are hard men who understand terror.


Desperately Seeking Susan

Being friends with Susan Sontag was thrilling, but also “shot through in the end with mutual irritation.”

Monday, March 16


Happy Ugly Feet

What’s behind the cyclical fashionability of the monstrously ugly Birkenstock?


Charles Bowden’s Fury

The lingering psychological effects of being one of the greatest crime reporters of all time.


Crackdown in a Detroit Stripped of Metal Parts

Detroit is trying to end the longstanding practice of “scrapping,” which is the only way some of its residents can earn a living.


Why Do Severed Goat Heads Keep Turning Up in Brooklyn?

Santería or Vodou are explored as possibilities.

Sunday, March 15


Jane Goodall Is Still Wild At Heart

She’s 80 now, working 13 hour days, and still won’t take so much as a reporter’s hand to cross the stream.


A Grand Juror Speaks

Even an “obstructionist bloc” can’t resist handing prosecutors the indictments they want.


The Revolution Will Probably Wear Mom Jeans

The politics behind the anti-trend trend known as “Normcore” turn out to be as conservative as ever.