Monday, May 18

Jill Lepore on Longform

From the insanity of U.S. gun law to the history of management consulting, the politics of Planned Parenthood to Wonder Woman’s feminist past — browse our complete archive of articles by Jill Lepore.


To Have and to Hold

Sex, the Constitution, and the Supreme Court.


A Liberator, But Never Free

Dave Wilsey was among the American soldiers who liberated Dachau. The letters he left behind complicate the story.

Sunday, May 17


A Father's Initiative

Paul Gayle wants to raise his daughter, but he needs a job and a home. What he gets is 16 lessons on fatherhood from the Obama administration.


Why Are Palo Alto's Kids Killing Themselves?

How one community is struggling to understand and respond to a cluster of suicides.


They Built It. No One Came.

On two gay men in Pennsylvania who tried, and failed, to build a commune of their own.


In the Beginning

The schism at the heart of cosmology.

Saturday, May 16


Hostage Camp

Worried about being kidnapped while on a business trip? A man in Florida teaches courses on how to avoid it.


The Insults of Age

On the stupid things people say to the elderly.


The Mysteries of the Masons

The 1826 kidnapping – and murder – that begat America’s obsession with Masons.


In Bourbon Country, a Shot of Scandal

The case of the disappearing Pappy Van Winkle bourbon.

Friday, May 15


Buried in Baltimore

Decades after a young nun was murdered, a group of former Catholic high school students begin to suspect that an abusive priest may have been the culprit.