Sunday, August 24


I’m Chevy Chase and You’re Not

The bumpy rise of Saturday Night Live’s first star.

Excerpted from Saturday Night, published in 1986.

Saturday, August 23


High Tech Cowboys of the Deep Seas

An oddball team of ship salvage mercenaries is tasked with uprighting a tipped two-football-field-long cargo ship before it sinks into the darkness of Alaska’s Aleutian Islands.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Songs of the Dead: An Homage"

Scenes from a local bar in winter.

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Behind Claude’s Doors

Now 91, she was once the “world’s most exclusive madam.”

Friday, August 22


The Bro Whisperer of Bustle

Bryan Goldberg’s site for women was widely mocked when it launched a year ago. Today it has 15 million readers per month and some of its harshest early critics are on the payroll.


Id Girls

On Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson, the duo behind Broad City.


The Hedge Fund and the Despot

The Wall Street firm that bailed out Robert Mugabe.

Thursday, August 21


You Can't Quit Cold Turkey

Jared Lorenzen was a star quarterback in college. He won a Super Bowl. And just like the author, he has spent his entire life fighting, and losing, a battle with his weight.


A 'Silent Mass Disaster'

When adults like Billy Smolinski go missing, it’s hard to get the authorities involved.