Thursday, June 25


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Delivery"

A pizza deliverer/calculus whiz becomes involved in the lives of two unstable college students.

"I licked my thumb, outside, by the car, and ran it over the suction cups, before I slapped the marquee to the top of my cobalt blue Toyota. The pizzas were already sitting in the passenger seat, cardboard mouths smiling. I was conscious, despite Walter’s assertion, that I was operating under the tick of a clock, an invisible, indefinite deadline. Really, we all are. But no one realizes how soon it’s coming."


In Conversation: Antonin Scalia

The Supreme Court justice on gay rights, the problem with consensus and the Devil.


Who Set Jessica Chambers on Fire? The Internet Is Trying to Find Out

A murder case in Mississippi catches the eye of amateur sleuths on Facebook, who proceed to harass everyone involved in the case.

Wednesday, June 24


The Talented Mr. Khater

A 23-year-old living in Chile was suddenly attacked and buried alive by her roommate. She later learned she wasn’t his first – or last – victim.


Blow Hard

Scott Storch, a producer who earned six figures for beats he made in less than an hour, was worth an estimated $70 million. Then he blew it all in a bizarre cocaine binge.

Longform Podcast #147: James Verini

James Verini, a freelance writer based out of Nairobi, won the 2015 National Magazine Award for Feature Writing.

“That is probably the most alien, jarring thing about working in Africa: life is much cheaper. More to the point, death is very close to you. We're very removed from death here. Someone can die at 89 in their sleep here and it's called a tragedy. In Africa, I find that I'm often exposed to it. That's part of why I wanted to live there.”

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Love and Ruin

An Afghanistan love story.

Winner of the 2015 National Magazine Award for Feature Writing.

Five Hostages

Feeling abandoned by America, families fight to save their children from ISIS.

Lawrence Wright on the Longform Podcast


Will watching too much pornography ruin sex?

Tuesday, June 23


What's Killing the Babies of Vernal, Utah?

A midwife, a rash of stillbirths and miscarriages, and a town whose economy depends on fracking.


Zane, the Queen of Erotica, Has a Secret

Although she is one of the richest writers in the country, her finances are a mess.