Thursday, February 19


The White Devil Kingpin

A white gangster immerses himself in Asian culture to lead a Chinatown gang. He even learns to pour tea correctly.


To Shill a Mockingbird

A 58-year-old manuscript will become Harper Lee’s second novel, but questions about Lee’s care continue to swirl in Alabama.


Destroyed By the Espionage Act

You can have a PhD from Yale. You can be a rising star in the State Department. And you can still find yourself being investigated by the FBI for espionage.

Wednesday, February 18


Daniel Knox Gives Our Derelicts the Beautiful Music They Deserve

One day you’re teaching yourself to play the piano in hotel lobbies, the next you’re contributing a song to a David Lynch soundtrack.


Ebola: The Race To Find A Cure

It’s not just the virus that stands in the way, it’s bureaucratic logistics, and the frightening look of those hazmat suits.

Longform Podcast #129: Rukmini Callimachi (Part 1)

Rukmini Callimachi covers ISIS for The New York Times. Part 2 of this episode is available here.

“Nine out of 10 Americans said they were aware of James Foley's execution. That's a huge win for ISIS. That's what they want. I think they've realized that journalists are the crème de la crème as far as targets. And that's a really scary thing for our profession.”

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In Timbuktu, al-Qaida Left Behind a Manifesto

While fleeing their Mali stronghold, al-Qaida left behind documents describing not how to terrorize a population, but how to govern.


Kobe Bryant Will Always Be an All-Star of Talking

Kobe Bryant knows who he is, and he’s happy to tell you all about it.


Room for Improvement

Ending homelessness is really quite simple: give people somewhere to live. Why’s Utah the only place willing to try it?

Tuesday, February 17


Witches of Chiloé

The history of a powerful and violent secret society in the islands of southern Chile.


The 76ers' Plan to Win (Yes, Really)

The team’s grand, analytics-driven experiment led by a business school grad who won the GM job after giving a “PowerPoint presentation that Sixers executives now recall as an ‘investment thesis.’”


The Holdouts

Turning down the huge amounts of money a fracking contract can offer is always the beginning of a fight.