Saturday, February 21


Bad Lieutenant

A leading Guantanamo interrogator was once a Chicago police detective accused of police brutality.


Australia’s Temple of Weird

An art museum in Tasmania is saving the local economy. It also offers an “eternity membership” which, for $75,000, will see your ashes displayed there once you’ve gone.


Fostering Profits

America’s biggest for-profit foster care agency has a history of abuse, neglect, and even deaths to account for.

Friday, February 20


A Liar Standing Next to a Hole in the Ground

Prospecting for gold is still a live trade in America, if you’re willing to walk deep into the desert with a hand-drawn map.


Meet the King of Kombucha

The man behind the craze for fermented alcoholic tea likes to tell the story of his own conception.


Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement Isn't Over Yet

The young people fighting for democracy will be back.


The Education of Alex Rodriguez

A beaten man tries to come back from purgatory.

Thursday, February 19

Longform Podcast #129: Rukmini Callimachi (Part 2)

Rukmini Callimachi covers ISIS for The New York Times. Part 1 of this episode is available here.

“Ever since I started in journalism, I feel like I'm perpetually winded. Like I'm just running as hard as I can to stay ahead of this train that's crashing. The caboose is falling off the back and I'm trying to run faster than the train to get to this very limited pool of amazing jobs. Once I got overseas I would say a prayer every night for the amazing life I was finally able to lead.”

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The White Devil Kingpin

A white gangster immerses himself in Asian culture to lead a Chinatown gang. He even learns to pour tea correctly.


To Shill a Mockingbird

A 58-year-old manuscript will become Harper Lee’s second novel, but questions about Lee’s care continue to swirl in Alabama.


Destroyed By the Espionage Act

You can have a PhD from Yale. You can be a rising star in the State Department. And you can still find yourself being investigated by the FBI for espionage.

Wednesday, February 18


Daniel Knox Gives Our Derelicts the Beautiful Music They Deserve

One day you’re teaching yourself to play the piano in hotel lobbies, the next you’re contributing a song to a David Lynch soundtrack.