Thursday, November 6


My Evil Dad: Life As A Serial Killer’s Daughter

“‘Why does my dad have duct tape by his pillow?’”

Wednesday, November 5


Battle for the Senate: How the GOP Did It

An inside look at the Democratic infighting and Republican gameplan (“Obama, Obama, Obama”) that led to the midterm landslide.

Longform Podcast #116: Jake Halpern

Jake Halpern has written for The New Yorker and The New York Times Magazine and is a contributor to This American Life. His latest book is Bad Paper: Chasing Debt from Wall Street to the Underworld.

"I test out my stories on my kids. You should be able to tell any story, now matter how complicated, to a seven-year-old in a way that they understand. If you can't, that probably means that either a) you're telling the story wrong or b) it's not really a story."

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The Sea of Crises

A sumo wrestling tournament. A failed coup ending in seppuku. A search for a forgotten man. How one writer’s trip to Japan became a journey through oblivion.


Inside the Vigilante Fight Against Boko Haram

On Nigeria’s citizen vigilantes who’ve banded together to fight Islamist terrorists.

Tuesday, November 4


Like Something the Lord Made

Vivien Thomas was paid a janitor’s wage, never went to college, and still became a legend in the field of heart surgery.


Striving for a Climate Change

A profile of law professor Dan Kahan, “one of the best-known unknown academics in the country,” who wants to close the communication gap between scientists and the public.


New York’s Most Sensational Jewel Heist

Fifty years later, the men who stole priceless gems from the Museum of Natural History recall the crime.


The Myth of Chinese Super Schools

What the Chinese education system can teach America about relying on test scores as the main metric of success.

Monday, November 3


The Pierre Omidyar Insurgency

The story, so far, of First Look Media.



Witnessing one of deadliest landslides in American history.


The Duke of Doubt

A profile of Chris Rock as he makes one last attempt to jump from standup to leading man.

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