Friday, August 21


Who Is Marc Jacobs?

The 52-year-old designer finds himself at a crossroads.

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The Last Secrets of Skull and Bones

Investigating an infamous Yale secret society.


Adrian Peterson's Suspended Reality

The running back’s life since he was indicted on charges of beating his son and suspended from the NFL.

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Thursday, August 20


Amor Prohibido

The meaning of Selena, 20 years after her death.


How Black Reporters Report On Black Death

“What it means — for the reporting we do, for the brands we represent, and for our own mental health — that we don’t stop being black people when we’re working as black reporters. That we quite literally have skin in the game.”


Fiction Pick the Week: "The Thief"

Theft and magic in the early 20th century.


The Transitive Nightfall of Fatty Egg Rolls

Tracking down the very best in Grateful Dead concert concessions.

Wednesday, August 19


Black Arts

The Academy of Art University in San Francisco is very profitable for the family who runs it. But not so much for the students who attend in hopes of becoming artists.


Colony Collapse

The rise, and rise, of bee mortality in America.

Longform Podcast #154: William Finnegan

William Finnegan is a New Yorker staff writer and the author of Barbarian Days: A Surfing Life.

“I suppose in retrospect I was just trying to find out what the world held that nobody could tell me about until I got there. I was a big reader and had a couple of degrees by that point, but there was something out well over the horizon that I wanted to get near and record and understand, and I even felt like it would transform me.”

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Playing Doc's Games

Surfing San Francisco with a true believer.