Wednesday, April 9


Scenes from a Bowery flophouse.

Longform Podcast #87: Amanda Hess

Amanda Hess, a staff writer at Slate, has also written for Pacific Standard, GOOD, and ESPN the Magazine.

"I ended up not loving the fact that I was getting a bunch of calls from MSNBC and CNN, who mostly wanted to talk about people threatening to rape and kill me and only a tiny bit about the story I'd written. ... It was tiring, and it seemed dismissive of me as a person. It's a strange thing to become somebody else's story, especially when the story is: You're a victim of an insane online harasser. That's who you are."

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Show notes:

  1. @amandahess
  2. Hess on Longform
  4. [3:15] "Point Taken" (Washington City Paper • Mar 2008)
  5. [9:30] The Sexist blog
  6. [18:30] "What Women Want: Porn and the Frontier of Female Sexuality" (Good • Nov 2011)
  7. [31:30] "Why Women Aren't Welcome on the Internet" (Pacific Standard • Jan 2014)
  8. [46:45] "Just Cheer, Baby" (ESPN The Magazine • Apr 2014)
  9. [47:00] "You Can Only Hope to Contain Them" (ESPN The Magazine • Jul 2013)

Serial arson in rural Virginia: a love story.

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A profile of Valeria Lukyanova, otherwise known as the “Human Barbie.”


Jai Alai once packed Florida’s frontons with gamblers and glamor. Today, America is down to a single top-level pro who plays under the name Tevin in honor of Tevin Campbell.

Tuesday, April 8


The last days of Jean-Michel Basquiat.


What happened to the only child who survived the 1985 MOVE bombing.


“That educated women’s eggs are in demand is one thing, that they are willing to provide them is another.”

Monday, April 7


Cassie Chadwick pulled her first con in 1870, at the age of 13. Over the next 30 years, she would scam her way to $633,000, about $16.5 million in today’s dollars.


On the mechanics of New Jersey state politics.


Two men, separated by more than 150 years, discover the folly of attempting Western-style capitalism in Micronesia.