Wednesday, June 17


The Wetsuitman

Two bodies wash up in Northern Europe, wearing identical wetsuits. The search for their identities leads authorities to a camp in Calais.

Longform Podcast #146: Rembert Browne

Rembert Browne is a staff writer at Grantland.

“I'm ok with not being at my most refined online at all times. It's happening in real time and some of that is therapeutic. I could write a lot this stuff privately, but I'd rather just hit publish and see what happens. It's a weird world. But I'm super deep in.”

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Preying on Prisoners

On the penalties imposed – or not – on prison guards who have sex with inmates.


Displaced in the D.R.

A nation strips 210,000 of citizenship and sets the stage for mass deportations.

Tuesday, June 16


The Aftershocks of a Tea-Party Suicide

How a bid to unseat Senator Thad Cochran led to an illegal photo in a nursing home, a flurry of arrests, and the death of the man who brought the Tea Party to Mississippi.


Can Thusilie Madonsela Save South Africa From Itself?

On being South Africa’s “public protector,” charged with watching over the people who once liberated it.

Alexis Okewo on the Longform Podcast.

The Kerouac Legacy

The “insane playfulness, deliberate infantilism, nutty haikus, naked stripteases, free-form chants and literary war dances of the beats” and their leader.


Flight Pattern

Tracking the humble hummingbird down to Belize.

Monday, June 15


Rise of al-Qaida Sahara Terrorist

A profile of Moktar Belmoktar, Al-Qaida’s “most difficult employee,” who was responsible for a major attack on an Algerian BP plant and, according to U.S. and Libyan forces, was killed in an air strike on Sunday.

Rukmini Callimachi on the Longform Podcast.

At Rest in the Fields

A dispatch from Eloise Woods, a natural burial ground where bodies are consigned directly to the earth.


The Death Treatment

The legalizing of euthanasia is usually seen as a advancement in human rights. But is it appropriate for cases of non-terminal illness?