Sunday, May 10


The Player Whose Bell Stayed Rung

Football-related brain damage made Rickie Harris fall from the heights of the NFL to serving a DUI sentence in his ex-wife’s basement.


How the Bay Area's Last Slaughterhouse Dodged the Axe

On keeping the place where ethically raised animals are killed open.


A Return to the Western Shore

On the Aran islands of Ireland.

Saturday, May 9


Symbolism for Beginners

On our relationship with wild horses.


The Rehab Racket

The death of one Nevada man in a chaotic, unregulated, and expensive industry.


The Man Who Broke the Music Business

A CD plant employee ushered in the modern era of music piracy by teaming up with a shadowy “Scene” crew on IRC chat.

Friday, May 8


I Was an Undercover Uber Driver

Uber says its drivers can earn as much as $90,000. The author decided to fact-check that number the only way she could: by becoming a driver herself.

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The Long Drive to End a Pregnancy

One woman’s 407 mile journey to have an abortion.


The Pious Spy

A Taliban intelligence chief’s death and resurrection.