Wednesday, October 8

Tuesday, October 7


Finding a Video Poker Bug Made These Guys Rich—Then Vegas Made Them Pay

A pair of gamblers and a glitch too good to last.


The Price of Black Ambition

“I am having a moment, but I only want more. I need more. I cannot merely be good enough because I am chased by the pernicious whispers that I might only be ‘good enough for a black woman.’”


Drones and Everything After

What happens when humans get superpowers.

Monday, October 6


George Clooney, South Sudan and How the World's Newest Nation Imploded

How celebrity-led humanitarian aid exacerbated a crisis.


The Plane That Fell From the Sky

The story of TWA Flight 841.

Hear Buzz Bissinger discuss this story, a Pultizer finalist now available online for the first time, on the Longform Podcast.

Zadie Smith's Longform Archive

On losing your father, the Facebook generation and the Zen of Eminem — browse our full archive of essays and short stories by Zadie Smith.


Find Your Beach

On loving and hating and living in Manhattan.


The Kitchen Network

America’s underground Chinese restaurant workers.

Sunday, October 5


Gary Barnett, Controversial Master of New York City Luxury Real Estate

The developer responsible for the tallest residential building in New York—the penthouse just sold for $90 million—lives in a two-story house in Queens.


The Man Who Would Be Prince

A profile of Prince as Diamonds and Pearls was released, based mostly off a brief phone call, all the access he’ll allow.