Wednesday, May 6

Longform Podcast #140: George Quraishi

George Quraishi is the co-founder and editor of Howler.

“We raised $69,001. And that paid for the first issue. I call it subsistence magazine making, because every issue pays for the next one.”

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Craps and Cryogenics

How an eccentric industrialist bought Atlantic City’s shuttered Revel casino at a firesale price with a goal to turn it into a “life-extension facility.”



An inside look at how an ad agency sells a car in 2015.

Jessica Pressler on the Longform Podcast

Autobiography of a Body

On equating beauty with self-worth.

Tuesday, May 5


Lusitania: The Epic Battle Over Its Biggest Mystery

Gregg Bemis is an 87-year-old retired venture capitalist who owns the salvage rights to the Lusitania. He’s determined to prove an alternate theory as to why the ship was attacked in 1915. Unfortunately, the Irish government isn’t so into his plan.



An orphan named Patience and an argument for open immigration.


Scenes From a Life in Negroland

A meditation on life in the black “upper class.”

Monday, May 4


Hot Shmurda

He went from a viral pop hit to an arrest for conspiracy to murder charges in just under six months. Was Bobby Shmurda “too real” for his label?

Robert Kolker on the Longform Podcast


How the overdiagnosis of disease makes for unnecessary treatment, high anxiety, and ballooning costs.