Wednesday, August 19


Playing Doc's Games

Surfing San Francisco with a true believer.


An Oral History of Iowa's Attempted Indoor Rainforest

It was the failed dream of the heir to the Frank-o-Matic sausage-link machinery fortune.

Tuesday, August 18


Home Economics: The Link Between Work-Life Balance and Income Equality

“The central conflict of domestic life right now is not men versus women, mothers versus fathers. It is family versus money.”


How Darrelle Revis Became the NFL's Savviest Negotiator

“In an industry in which millions of people are invested in his success – in which he’s constantly being advised, praised and berated, often by total strangers – Revis’ tranquillity might be his greatest asset. He isn’t just an island. He’s a fortress.”


Out of Bethlehem

The life and politics of Joan Didion.


The Trials of Ed Graf

The tale of the first conviction overturned on faulty arson science.

Monday, August 17


Friday Night Lights

On the start of the high school football season in Odessa, Texas. An adaptation published alongside the release of Bissinger’s 1990 book of the same name, which led to the movie and the show.

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The Late, Great Stephen Colbert

Discussions of character with the new Late Show host.

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Corn Wars

The Chinese want to steal our genetically-engineered grain secrets. Why?


America's Only Anti-Semitic Lynching

On the 1915 hanging of Leo Frank in Marietta, Georgia.

Sunday, August 16


Find Your Beach

On loving and hating and living in Manhattan.


A Train to Bangladania

How an Italian businessman facing fraud charges and a Brazilian politician turned a billion dollar project to build the high speed Rio-São Paulo rail line into a farce.