Tuesday, September 22


The Man Who Made Animal Friends

Life at a roadside zoo with ligers, orangutans, and an elephant in Florida.

Monday, September 21


The Avenger

Ken Dornstein’s older brother died when a bomb exploded on Pan Am Flight 103. For the past three decades, he’s been obsessed with identifying who’s really responsible.


Is Hamlet Fat?

We think of the character as lithe and slim as the actors who’ve played him. But Shakespeare might not have intended him to be that way.


"Close Your Eyes and Pretend to Be Dead"

Inside the Nairobi Westgate Mall massacre.


A New Front

The growing – and uneasy – alliances between the military and Silicon Valley.

Sunday, September 20


Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives

Inside the political battle over reproductive rights in Texas.


My Kidnappers

Almost ten years after his kidnapping, a man writes to the people who threatened his life.


In Unit Stalked by Suicide, Veterans Try to Save One Another

One Marine battalion has had four members kill themselves in just the last year. The soldiers have jury-rigged a system of Facebook notifications and Google spreadsheets to try to stop it.


"They Get Replaced. I Stay The Same."

Talking to Lee Daniels about Empire, Hollywood, and survival.

Saturday, September 19


The Age of Loneliness

On the decline of nature, and our wonder at it.


Man and Beast

No contemporary artist has used natural history to tell the kind of stories that painter Walton Ford tells.


In Conversation With Nancy Meyers

“Over the years, it’s been hard to get male movie stars to be in a movie if a woman’s the lead, where a great, great movie star, a woman, will be in a movie where the man’s the lead. So there’s just not parity there, we’re not on equal footing.”