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Sunday, September 7


The Rise and Fall of the Biggest Pot Dealer in New York City History

How a Canadian used a Mohawk reservation’s lakes to smuggle tons of marijuana to stash houses in Brooklyn and Staten Island, resulting in nearly a billion in profits, which he laundered through the Sinaloa Cartel.

Saturday, September 6


The Forsaken

On the rise in gay teens who are cast out by their families.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "Some Girl"

A woman travels with a band on the way to their next show.

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Medicine and Its Metaphors

On fathers, mothers, and doctors.


Friday, September 5


Power Steer

Raising a cow on an industrial feedlot.


On Bigfoot's Trail

Profiles of the true believers.


How to Get Into an Ivy League College—Guaranteed

Tony Ma will bet you as much as $600,000 to train your student for college acceptance. If the student gets into their top choice school, Ma takes the cash. Rejected? He gets nothing.


Inside the Mammoth Backlash to Common Core

How an education reform effort became the new Obamacare.

Thursday, September 4


The Dying Russians

A 15-year-old Russian has a shorter life expectancy than a peer in Bangladesh, Cambodia, or Yemen.


Joan Rivers Always Knew She Was Funny

“People always ask Rivers why she doesn’t just retire, enjoy her old age. ‘But they don’t get that I love it,’ she says. ‘All I ever wanted was this. I’m lucky, you idiots.’”


The Churn

A Texas border town fails to keep up.