Tuesday, November 4


The Myth of Chinese Super Schools

What the Chinese education system can teach America about relying on test scores as the main metric of success.

Monday, November 3


The Pierre Omidyar Insurgency

The story, so far, of First Look Media.



Witnessing one of deadliest landslides in American history.


The Duke of Doubt

A profile of Chris Rock as he makes one last attempt to jump from standup to leading man.

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On Kindness

A son’s love letter to his sick mom.

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Sunday, November 2


Charlie Manson’s Home on the Range

George Spahn and his California ranch, before and after the Manson family showed up.


Marathon Man

The strange case of Kip Litton, road race fraud.

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Stephen King: The Rolling Stone Interview

The author on why he belives in God (“It makes things better”), the perils of writing high (“Annie Wilkes is cocaine, she was my number-one fan”) and what he thinks of other writers (“Hemingway sucks, basically”).

Saturday, November 1


Why Innocent People Plead Guilty

A judge on the history and injustice of the plea bargain in America.


Fiction Pick of the Week: "How to Identify Birds in the Wild"

A story of bird and human patterns.

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