Friday, August 15


Paper Boys

Inside the dark, lucrative world of consumer debt collection.

Excerpted from Bad Paper.


Trouble in Paradise

Pitcairn Island is impossibly remote, populated by descendants of a ship of British mutineers. Revelations that child molestation and rape had been a way of life for generations exposed them to the outside world.

Thursday, August 14


What I Saw in Ferguson

“What transpired in the streets appeared to be a kind of municipal version of shock and awe.”


MLB Game-Fixing Investigation Uncovers Lies, Luck and Hard Feelings

This is what happens when you concoct game-fixing allegations against a Major League pitcher because of a perceived slight on Facebook.


Money in the Bank

Professional wrestling as the epitome of American capitalism.

Wednesday, August 13


Who Is Charlie Crist? The Answer Is Complicated

A profile of Florida’s former (and perhaps future) governor.

Longform Podcast #104: Lewis Lapham

Lewis Lapham, formerly the editor of Harper's, is the founder of Lapham's Quarterly.

"The best part of my job was to come across a manuscript. You never knew what would show up. ... I always had the sense of opening a present, hoping to be both delighted and surprised. Often I was disappointed. But when I wasn't, it was a lot of fun. And word got around that I was that kind of an editor, that I was willing to try anything if you could make it interesting."

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Show Notes »

To Have and Have Not

Lauren Bacall at 86.


The Most Wanted Man in the World

Catching up with Edward Snowden in Moscow.


The Price of Cold

On frozen dumplings, industrial freezers, and what the future could hold after China’s burgeoning refrigeration boom.

Tuesday, August 12


The Tuber

Navigating the alligator-infested rivers of North Florida.