Tuesday, May 3


Angel So Fly

An oral history of Aaliyah.


Cruising Through the End of the World

What increased tourism means for the people of the Northwest Passage.

Eva Holland is a Longform editor.

Monday, May 2


Should We Get Used to Mass Shootings?

“This is the story of those 10 days, the new and relentless strain of gun violence in America, and the desperate need for us not to look away.”

Michael Paterniti on the Longform Podcast

What Happened to Worcester?

A central Massachusetts city enabled the author’s ancestors to move into the good life of the middle class. That move is more complicated today.


The Cure For Fear

A single pill could take the sting out of our memories of trauma.

Sunday, May 1


427: Ten Years Without Jen, Twenty-Six With

Life after losing your partner.


A Leak Wounded This Company. Fighting the Feds Finished It Off.

The Federal Trade Commission has brought more than 60 cases related to data security against businesses. Only one has refused to settle.


Fraying at the Edges

One woman’s hunt for possibility after an Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Saturday, April 30


Inhaling the Spore

A trip to the Museum of Jurassic Technology in Los Angeles.


Craig Sager: Always on the Bright Side

The NBA sideline reporter works the playoffs as he battles cancer.

Friday, April 29


Fear This Man

David Vincenzetti says his company, which sells spyware to world’s law enforcement and intelligence agencies, is helping to thwart terrorism. Others say it’s a danger to citizens, dissidents, and journalists alike.

David Kushner on the Longform Podcast