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Fast Company

20 articles

A Broken Place: The Spectacular Failure of the Startup That Was Going to Change the World

Shai Agassi had nearly $1 billion in funding and a dream to replace gas guzzlers with electric cars. All he was missing was a plan.


Pixel and Dimed

On (not) getting by in the gig economy.


The Infinite Lives of BitTorrent

Despite its association with piracy, BitTorrent is a company in its own right, and one desperate to hit upon a way to monetize its revolutionary file transfer technology.


For $99, This CEO Can Tell You What Might Kill You

On the personal genetic sequencing company 23andMe and why their long time term strategy is collecting spit, not cash.


Will Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley Finally Get It Right?

A startup’s rocky search for profitability.


Deep Inside Taco Bell's Doritos Locos Taco

Creation of a fast food phenomenon.


How Jenna Lyons Transformed J. Crew Into A Cult Brand

“J.Crew employees reveal themselves by the nakedness of their ankles. It’s as if the company’s uniform, ambiently dictated by Lyons, is enforced only from the knees down.”


The Lost Steve Jobs Tapes

From failure to Pixar, Steve Jobs’ “wilderness years.”


The House of Second Chances

On L.A.’s Homeboy Industries, which offers former felons—including at least one disgraced CEO—the chance to work.


How Carrots Became The New Junk Food

An industry responds to the recession by rebranding the carrot as anything but vegetable.


The Great Tech War Of 2012

Apple vs. Google vs. Facebook vs. Amazon.


Cramming For College At Beijing's Second High

Inside the lives of students at an elite Beijing high school in the months leading up to gaokao, literally “high test,” the national university admittance exam.


Cisco's Big Bet on New Songdo: Creating Cities From Scratch

On the development of South Korea’s New Songdo and Cisco’s plans to build smart cities which will “offer cities as a service, bundling urban necessities – water, power, traffic, telephony – into a single, Internet-enabled utility, taking a little extra off the top of every resident’s bill.” The demand for such cities is enormous:

China doesn't need cool, green, smart cities. It needs cities, period -- 500 New Songdos at the very least. One hundred of those will each house a million or more transplanted peasants. In fact, while humanity has been building cities for 9,000 years, that was apparently just a warm-up for the next 40. As of now, we're officially an urban species. More than half of us -- 3.3 billion people -- live in a city. Our numbers are projected to nearly double by 2050, adding roughly a New Songdo a day; the United Nations predicts the vast majority will flood smaller cities in Africa and Asia.


Rocking The Most Hated Brand In America

A profile of new Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard, who in another life was a touring musician and hated Ticketmaster just like everyone else.


How YouTube's Global Platform Is Redefining the Entertainment Business

How YouTube went from ubiquitous to profitable; and where it goes next.


The Facebooks of China

How the social networks that popped up in Facebook’s absence—the site is not available behind the Great Firewall—are changing Chinese culture.


Inside the Wild, Wacky, Profitable World of Boing Boing

Its editors still live in different cities, still work different careers, and still treat Boing Boing as a (lucrative) hobby.


The Future of Advertising

A survey on where the industry is headed. Says one agency veteran: “Marketing in the future is like sex. Only the losers will have to pay for it.”


A Modern Mess

The rise and fall of Design Within Reach.


China Storms Africa

China is securing sub-Saharan Africa’s natural resources at a staggering rate. With the buying spree comes contracts, workers, and of course, politics. (Part 1 of a 6 part series, rest here)