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The Mystery of the Creepiest Television Hack

At 9:14pm on November 22, 1987, sportscaster Dan Roan was doing the Bears highlights on Chicago’s WGN-TV when the station’s signal was hijacked. Someone wearning a rubber Max Headroom mask appeared, silently, on TV screens around the city. A few hours later, Headroom popped up again on another channel, this time for longer and with audio. Despite FBI and FCC investigations, the case remains unsolved.


The World Ends With a Handshake: Unraveling the Apocalypse of 'Southland Tales'

A Southland Tales fanboy goes down the rabbit hole with the movie’s director.


The Other Shooter

The afterlife of 486 frames of Kodachrome II 8mm film shot by Dallas clothing manufacturer Abraham Zapruder.


Anatomy of the Great Adderall Drought

Last Fall, America’s favorite focus drug suddenly went into short supply.


The Agony and the Ecstasy

A clinical test is underway to evaluate MDMA—ecstasy—as a treatment for PTSD.