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American Deserter

There is one place in the world where AWOL U.S. soldiers who lost faith in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars — long before their countrymen did — are most at risk right now. It’s Canada.


How Crazy Am I to Think I Actually Know Where that Malaysia Airline Plane Is?

“Okay,” I said. “What do you think is the percentage chance that I’m right?”

“I don’t know,” she said. “Five percent?”


Joni Mitchell, Unyielding

The singer-songwriter has a calico cat named Nietzsche.


Who Killed the Gangster’s Daughter?

The life and mysterious death of writer Susan Berman.


How to Succeed in Television

Meet Ben Sherwood, the new head of the Disney/ABC Television Group.


To the Office, With Love

What do we give up when we become freedom-seeking, self-determining, autonomous entrepreneurs? A lot, actually.


Genius Idea

Can a company best known for explaining Kanye West lyrics and telling Warren Buffett to do unseemly things actually annotate the world?