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18 articles

Dark Side of the Moon

On the Cold War and the Space Race.


A 'Silent Mass Disaster'

When adults like Billy Smolinski go missing, it’s hard to get the authorities involved.


Camp Lejeune and the U.S. Military's Polluted Legacy

How the Pentagon makes “Koch Industries look like an organic farm” when it comes to toxic water contamination.


The Hunt for Boko Haram

How divisions between Nigeria’s Muslim North and Christian South resulted in the birth of terror’s most ruthless movement.


The Fight to Find John Wilkes Booth’s Diary in a Forgotten Subway Tunnel

Possible clues about Lincoln’s murder in the unlikeliest place.


The Birdman’s Vengeful Ghost

The catfishing of Chris Andersen.


The Holy Saint (and Sinner) of Sex Trafficking

Somaly Mam’s harrowing story of her own flight from sexual servitude and the stories of hundreds of girls she rescued from Cambodian brothels brought her fame and helped raise millions for her non-profit. Does it matter if none or few of the stories are true?


Chernobyl Redux

Tourism at the site of the worst nuclear disaster in history.


The Face Behind Bitcoin

Is the anonymous, reclusive inventor of Bitcoin this 64-year-old man in Los Angeles?


How Colleges Flunk Mental Health

An investigtion into higher education’s treatment, and often punishment, of mentally ill students.


Death in the Desert

In early 2012, the bones of a woman and young boy were found near the Arizona-Mexico border. The author investigates who they were and how they died.


You Listen to This Man Every Day

An interview with Rick Rubin.


The Suicide Epidemic

How self-harm came to take more lives than war, murder and natural disasters combined.


My Father the Dope Dealer

From 1975-1986, Anthony Edward Dokoupil distributed more than 50 tons of weed in the United States. The operation ruined his family and destroyed his life. Three decades later, his son came looking for answers.


The Beach Boys’ Crazy Summer

On tour with America’s first 50-year-old rock band.


Homeless in America

A breakdown of the early 80s homeless epidemic.


Disconcerting New Answers In Models Suicide

The investigation of 20-year-old Russian model’s fall from a Manhattan rooftop uncovers a string of mysteries and clues embedded within the insular world of international models and those who scout them.


On the Set of Apocalypse Now

It was the middle of the day in the steamy Philippine jungle and the sun was merciless. Director Francis Ford Coppola, dressed in rumpled white Mao pajamas, was slowly making his way upriver in a motor launch.