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Off Track

Alberto Salazar is one of the most celebrated running coaches in the world. Is he also a cheater?


The Whistleblower’s Tale

When an accountant decided to call foul on Halliburton’s financial record-keeping, he thought he was doing the right thing. He spent 10 years fighting for the courts to agree.


The Demolition of Workers’ Comp

An investigation into the steady dismantling of safety nets for injured workers.


Hotter Than Lava

The barely monitored use by cops of flashbangs, or military-style grenades.


School Segregation, the Continuing Tragedy of Ferguson

Michael Brown beat the odds by graduating from high school before his death—odds that remain stacked against black students in St. Louis and the rest of the country.


Firestone and the Warlord

How a major American company helped bring Charles Taylor to power in Liberia.


Inside the New York Fed: Secret Recordings and a Culture Clash

When Carmen Segarra was hired to examine Goldman Sachs for the New York Fed, she bought a small recorder and began taping her meetings. Here is what she found before she was fired.

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