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18 articles

Mursi's Downfall

An inside account of the Egyptian leader’s last day in power.


The Wonks Who Sold Washington on South Sudan

How a group of men with nicknames like “Emperor” and “Spear Carrier” tipped the balance in South Sudan’s fight for independence.


George Zimmerman: Prelude To a Shooting

A portrait of Trayvon Martin’s killer.


The Book of Jobs

What it means to stay true to the Steve Jobs brand.


Commodity traders: The trillion dollar club

Who simultaneously did business with the U.S. government, the besieged Syrian regime, and the Libyan rebels last month? The group of 16 trading houses that collectively are “worth over a trillion dollars in annual revenue and control more than half the world’s freely traded commodities.”


Goldman's New Money Machine: Warehouses

In anonymous warehouses in Detroit, Goldman Sachs has hoarded a quarter of the world’s supply of aluminum, placing them firmly in control of trading on the London Metal Exchange.


How News Corp Got Lost in Myspace

An insider history of the fall of Myspace; from Rupert Murdoch calling Facebook a mere “communications utility” to the disastrous 2006 deal with Google that demanded huge pageviews and ads everywhere, and finally the present day ruins of a titan.


The New Gawker Media

Nick Denton is rebooting his entire Gawker empire—and his vision is drawn more from TV than blogs.


Thoughts on Thailand

What exactly is going on politically in Thailand?


High Rollers, Triads, and a Vegas Giant

Las Vegas casinos operating in Macau rely on “junkets” to bring in the gambling elite, but the money and murder for hire trails lead straight to the Triads.