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Corporate Cats Still Suck

A profile of celebrity cat Lil BUB and the man who was contemplating bankruptcy before he found her.


Nashville's Son: The Life and Death of an Indie-Rock Prince

A portrait of Ben Todd, a DIY champion of the emerging music scene in Nashville.


The Cheerleaders

A small town in Upstate New York, and one family in particular, endures a five-year string of car accidents, suicides, and murders.


Young, Loud, and Snotty

A barely drinking-age Green Day profiled shortly after the release of Dookie.


Mr. Misery

On the life and death of Elliott Smith.


L.A. Blues

Nine Inch Nails guitarist Aaron North’s descent into madness and obscurity.


Captive Audience

Listening to music in prison.


Hold My Life: Bob Stinson's Regrets

Seven years after being fired from The Replacements, their founding guitarist is an thirty-three-year-old unemployed line cook living amongst memories in Minneapolis. He would be dead within two years.


Hello, Nasty!

A profile of actress Christina Ricci.


Bath Salts: Deep in the Heart of America's New Drug Nightmare

Perpetually reinvented through experimental chemistry, manufactured in Asian mills, packaged in foil with names like White Slut Concentrated and Charley Sheene for use as “hookah cleaner,” distributed in college town head shops, snorted and injected by hardened addicts and high school thrill seekers alike, bath salts may be the strangest and most volatile American drug craze since crack. And they’re (quasi) legal.