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The Global Mail

8 articles

Plagued: TB and Me

Reporting on drug-resistant tuberculosis across Papua New Guinea – and then contracting the disease.


Resort of Last Resort

On an Indonesian town that serves both as stopping point for those seeking to reach Australia by boat and a hotspot for short term ‘contract marriage,’ which allows Saudi tourists a loophole to engage in Islamic-sanctioned prostitution.


That’s Not A Droid, That’s My Girlfriend

On the development of companion robots in Japan.


It’s 2013, And They’re Burning ‘Witches’

In the highlands of Papua New Guinea, admist a mining boom, the public torture and killing of women accused of sorcery has returned.


The Smartest Girls in the Room

How an obscure Australian judge and a hard-charging lawyer put the S&P on trial for the global financial collapse.


The Last Laughing Death

A 50-year medical riddle in Papua New Guinea and the man who made solving it his life’s work.


The Swingers’ Guide To Islam

A Javanese shrine where Muslim pilgrims seeking good fortune must peform a ritual: find a stranger, have sex with them.


Gaudi From The Grave

Contemplating Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia church, as the controversial finishing work is completed.