Saturday, November 14


English Is Not Normal

How English became the weirdest major language in modern use.

Friday, November 13


Can Sylvia Earle Save the Oceans?

“As the world’s best-known oceanographer—Sylvia is to our era what Jacques Cousteau was to an earlier one—she feels a heavy responsibility. In her lifetime, she has seen the ocean damaged in ways humans never thought it could be. The ongoing disaster leaves her mournful, desolate, and sometimes scary to talk to. Since her first dive, in a sponge-diver’s helmet in a Florida river when she was 16, she has spent 7,000 hours, or the better part of a year, underwater.”

Tuesday, November 3


The Burning Man of Birding

As the birds decline, one Icelandic island keeps throwing a rowdy, boozy puffin festival.

Tuesday, October 27


The Black-White Sleep Gap

When they go to bed tonight, white people will be five times likelier to get a good night’s sleep than African-Americans.

Monday, October 26


The Lost Girls

On the gender gap in diagnosis and treatment of autism.

Tuesday, October 20


The Strange Case of Anna Stubblefield

She told the family of a severely disabled man that she could help him to communicate with the outside world. Then she said they were in love.



On the ground with a young Texas doctor who travels the state to provide abortions.

Saturday, October 17


Pond Scum

The real Henry David Thoreau.


Stop the Madness

America’s devastating treatment of schizophrenia.

Sunday, October 11


Can Wolves Bring Back Wilderness?

The history of canis lupus in America, up to the present day.

Friday, October 9


Uncovering The Secret History Of Myers-Briggs

The frustrated – and well-hidden – story of Isabel Myers Briggs, inventor of the famous personality test.

Thursday, October 8


On Chernobyl

An oral history of the disaster:

Someone said to me, or maybe I read it, that the problem of Chernobyl presents itself first of all as a problem of self understanding. That seemed right. I keep waiting for someone intelligent to explain it to me.