Sunday, September 20


Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives

Inside the political battle over reproductive rights in Texas.

Friday, September 11


One Lawyer’s Crusade to Defend Extreme Pornography

Meet Britain’s “Batman of obscenity.”

Friday, September 4


Crossing Over

The life of a trans woman on the border between El Paso and Juárez.

Tuesday, July 21


Cheating, Incorporated

On the adultery website

Wednesday, July 8


Make It Reign

Spins from the DJs at Atlanta’s seminal Magic City strip club can turn nobodies into hip-hop stars.

Wednesday, June 24



Will watching too much pornography ruin sex?

Wednesday, May 13


What Was Gay?

An essay on its history and future during a time when “gayness, we are told, is over.”

Sunday, February 15


The Days and Nights of an NBA Groupie

The pecking order of All-Star Weekend sex-with-basketball-player-or-rapper hopefuls.

Thursday, January 29


My First Time, Twice

"I realized, as I was going through puberty (early), the necessity of shifting my focus from doing things that would impress my parents and teachers to engaging in behavior that would strike my peers as cool. I started saying 'like' constantly. I smoked pot when I was twelve. I dropped acid when I was thirteen. Losing my virginity was the next logical step."

Friday, January 16



"When I was younger, someone took a knife to my clitoris and cut out a small but significant part of me. I blamed my mother. I despised her. I loved her."

Saturday, January 10


The Lost Girls

Inside the world of underground sex trafficking in Houston.