Thursday, October 22


Inside Stanford Business School’s Spiraling Sex Scandal

A love triangle between two married professors and the dean goes public.

Wednesday, October 21


There Once Was a Dildo in Nantucket

On the wives of whalers and their dildos.

Saturday, October 17


Lost Girls

The writer’s relationship with two Moroccan prostitutes.

Saturday, October 3


Out of Sight

A former prostitute turned arctivist and her taxi-driver husband go undercover in Iraq’s brothels.

Thursday, October 1


Stud: How to Have 106 Babies (and Counting)

Ed Houben, a self described “ugly man,” has sex with multiple women each week, sometimes two in one day. The women, often accompanied by their husbands, are trying to get pregnant.

Sunday, September 27


If They Build It, Will We Come?

The technological future of the struggling porn industry.

Friday, September 25


Notes Toward a Theory of Hair

The meanings of coiffure, from follicle to shaft.

Sunday, September 20


Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Wives

Inside the political battle over reproductive rights in Texas.

Friday, September 11


One Lawyer’s Crusade to Defend Extreme Pornography

Meet Britain’s “Batman of obscenity.”

Friday, September 4


Crossing Over

The life of a trans woman on the border between El Paso and Juárez.

Tuesday, July 21


Cheating, Incorporated

On the adultery website

Wednesday, July 8


Make It Reign

Spins from the DJs at Atlanta’s seminal Magic City strip club can turn nobodies into hip-hop stars.