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Tuesday, April 8


Over Easy

“That educated women’s eggs are in demand is one thing, that they are willing to provide them is another.”

Tuesday, April 1


The Talk

What happens when you target sex ed at boys?

Thursday, March 27


The Hugo Problem

The downfall of Hugo Schwyzer, feminist.

Thursday, March 20


The Scientific Quest to Prove Bisexuality Exists

How activists are using science to show that someone can be truly attracted to both a man and a woman.

Friday, February 14


Cheating, Incorporated

On the adultery website AshleyMadison.com.

Wednesday, February 12


Thursday, January 9


The Innocent and the Damned

Allegations of child sexual and Satanic ritual abuse overtake an Austin suburb.

Friday, January 3


The Hidden Man

Capt. Stephen Hill became famous when he came out as a gay soldier during a 2011 GOP presidential debate. Here’s how he got to that point, and what happened after.

Tuesday, December 10


I Spent a Month Living In A Romanian Sexcam Studio

Life on the other side of the laptop.

Thursday, November 28


Basta Bunga Bunga

On Silvio Berlusconi’s hedonism.

Berlusconi is Italy’s waning Hugh Hefner, alternately reviled and admired for his loyalty to his own appetites—except that he’s supposed to be running the country.

Tuesday, November 12


Boy Next Door

Growing up in a Toronto suburb while a serial rapist is on the loose.

Monday, November 11