Wednesday, October 9


The Ghost of Speedy Cannon

How race and recollection still frame an Alabama football fatality 40 years later.

Tuesday, October 8


Failure Is Not an Option

A decorated college track coach, forced to resign because of an affair she had with a athlete 10 years before, fights back.

Monday, October 7


There's No Crying at the Pee Wee Super Bowl

The rigors of youth football.

Saturday, September 28


Risk and Romance Among NBA Groupies: An Embed’s Report

Sex in the NBA in the wake of Magic Johnson’s HIV announcement.

Sunday, September 22


The Forgotten Phenom

The lost dream of Korleone Young, a high school basketball star who skipped college and flamed out after only one NBA season.

Wednesday, September 18


Tomato Can Blues

Charlie Rowan was a small-time cage fighter who couldn’t catch a break. He owed money to impatient people and needed to start over. Late one night, he came up with a plan.

Saturday, September 14


The Great Red Hype

On boxer Canelo Alvarez.

Wednesday, September 11


Beso de los Exoticos

On lucha libre’s exóticos, “wrestlers who dress in drag and kiss their rivals, never quite revealing whether the joke is on their opponents, themselves or conservative Mexican society at large.”

Saturday, September 7


Ryan Leaf's Jailhouse Confessions, Written By His Cell Mate

A profile of the NFL quarterback gone bust.

Thursday, September 5


A Death in Valdosta

In January, the body of a 17-year-old athlete was found in his high school’s gym. The authorities ruled it an accident. His friends and family aren’t convinced.

Friday, August 30


Tommy Morrison's Latest Big Fight

In search of the former boxing champ, who refuses to believe he has HIV.

Wednesday, August 28


The Gangster in the Huddle

On the fall of Aaron Hernandez, who friends say had been “twisted on dust for more than a year” before the murder of Odin Lloyd.