Thursday, January 16


Runner, Interrupted

What happens when a runner loses his feet?

Wednesday, January 15


Dr. V's Magical Putter

The very complicated life of Dr. Essay Anne Vanderbilt, who once built a very good golf club.

Update: Grantland has published a pair of responses to the reaction to this story, "What Grantland Got Wrong" by Christina Kahrl and "The Dr. V Story: A Letter From the Editor" by Bill Simmons.

Tuesday, January 14


Sabre Rattler

How a rogue p.r. man pulled a fast one on professional hockey.

Friday, January 10


Thursday, January 9


The Steroid Hunt

What baseball writers did during the steroid era.


Wilderness Women

The wild competition to be “worshipped” by Alaska’s most eligible bachelors.

Wednesday, January 8


Afro-Europe in the World Cup

How the children of African immigrants came to control the destiny of teams in France and Belgium and what it says about European identity.

Monday, January 6


Smokey and the Bandit

How Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder, with a little help from the Bush Administration, got 140 trees chopped down in a national park to improve his view and ruined the life of a park ranger in the process.

Saturday, January 4


Degenerate, Inc.

The life of a mid-level bookie.

Friday, January 3


Remote Control

Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan and the “why me?” misheard around the world.

Monday, December 30


Fallon Fox: The Toughest Woman in Sports

A profile of the first and only transgender MMA fighter.

Sunday, December 29