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Sunday, August 11



How the heir to a horse racing empire became an informant on the Zetas cartel as they pushed their money laundering operations into the lucrative quarter horse trade.

Thursday, August 8


Death of A Ballplayer

Billy Dillon was about to sign a contract with the Detroit Tigers. Instead he was convicted–wrongly–of first-degree murder and spent the next 27 years in prison.

Wednesday, August 7


The Wizard Of Kabul

How a Peace Corps volunteer turned a high school basketball squad into Afghanistan’s national team.

Sunday, August 4


The Sports Cable Bubble

How cable sports channels extort hundreds of dollars per year out of every cable subscriber for programming that less than 10% regularly watch.

Saturday, August 3


Thurman Munson In Sun And Shade

The last great brawling sports team in America—Reggie, Catfish, Goose, Gator, and the Boss—remember their fallen leader.

Wednesday, July 31


Elegy of a Race Car Driver

The life and sudden death of NASCAR’s Dick Trickle.

Tuesday, July 30


What the Hell Happened to David Duval?

A once-great golfer’s private second act.

Sunday, July 28


Friday, July 26

Thursday, July 25


Can Diamond Dallas Page Save Wrestling's Walking Dead?

On a makeshift halfway house for down-and-out former wrestlers.

Monday, July 22


When 772 Pitches Isn't Enough

The fate of a star 16-year-old pitcher in Japan.

Friday, July 19


Who Was Stella Walsh?

The murder of an Olympic champion and the autopsy that shook a city.