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25 articles

The Afghan Girls Who Live as Boys

Posing for family survival in a society that values boys over girls.


Last Tango in Kabul

While war raged across Afghanistan, expats lived in a bubble of good times and easy money. But as the U.S. withdraws, life has taken a deadly turn.


Boys and Girls

On the attempt to rehabilitate Afghanistan’s child jihadis.


The Wizard Of Kabul

How a Peace Corps volunteer turned a high school basketball squad into Afghanistan’s national team.


The Call of Battle

After two tours in Iraq, the writer returns to a volatile region of Afghanistan as an embedded journalist.


A Deadly Triangle

On the India-Pakistan proxy war in Afghanistan.


Al Qaeda Wants Africa

A war travelogue through Mali alongside French troops as a “place just like Afghanistan” descends into chaos.


Stranded on the Roof of the World

Afghanistan’s Kyrgyz nomads survive in one of Earth’s most remote places, a pocket of land 14,000 feet high where the currency is sheep, the dream is a road, and many will go an entire lifetime without ever seeing a tree.


The Scariest Little Corner of the World

Zaranj: the bloody border of Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan.


The Great Taliban Jailbreak

On the escape of hundreds of insurgents from Kandahar’s Sarposa Prison through a tunnel dug from the outside, and an unlikely suspect: the jail’s former warden.


The Siege of September 13

Inside the attack on the U.S. embassy in Kabul.


From Pakistan to Afghanistan, U.S. Finds Convoy of Chaos

What happened when Pakistan shut down the vitally important Karachi to Kabul trucking line.


Barack and Hamid's Excellent Adventure

On the occasion of Hamid Karzai’s visit to the White House, a fever dream tour of the Afghanistan war through the eyes of the leaders who gave birth to its narrative.


Pashean Play

At a dinner party, the author meets one of Afghanistan’s last remaining maskhara  an entertainer, thief and murderer.


The All-American

In Afghanistan and other zones of international crisis with John Kerry:

Why, then, does Kerry bother? Why is he racing back and forth to put out the fires being set by a serial arsonist? I asked him about this on the short flight from Kabul to Islamabad. Kerry tried to put the best possible face on what he had learned. Despite the warlords in Kabul, he said, Karzai had appointed some talented officials at the provincial and district levels. “It’s a mixed bag,” he concluded gamely. Kerry knew Karzai’s failings as well as anyone, but he was not prepared to abandon Afghanistan’s president, because he was not prepared to abandon Afghanistan. But why not?


America's 'Detainee 001'

John Walker Lindh’s father on why his son is an innocent victim of the War on Terror.


Anatomy of an Afghan War Tragedy

A behind-the-scenes look at a U.S. attack against civilians near Khod: “the high-tech wizardry would fail in its most elemental purpose: to tell the difference between friend and foe.”


Opium Wars

Stuck between the Taliban and the U.S. Military, Afghanistan’s farmers risk their lives both when they grow, and when they refuse to grow, fields of poppies.


Afghanistan's Hidden Taliban Government

How the Taliban reestablished itself as both a “quasi government” and a military force, and what that success means for the Pentagon’s plan to pass responsibility to Afghan forces by 2014.


The Afghan Connection

Money from relatives abroad, the lifeline for many Afghani's, moves primarily through small hawala

If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be the Taliban

At tourism’s wildest frontier; guided tours of Afghanistan.


Studio Kabul

On the set of Afghanistan’s first soap opera and at home with its cast.


A Life Revealed

Seventeen years after taking the iconic "Afghan Girl" photograph for National Geographic, Steve McCurry went back to find her.


This Is War

How USAID workers are trained for work and danger in Afghanistan.


The Networker

Saad Mohseni, Afghanistan’s first media mogul and a business partner of Rupert Murdoch, produces everything from nightly news broadcasts to the controversial Afghan version of American Idol.