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After the death of Jack Kevorkian, Lawrence Egbert is the new public face of American assisted suicide

A profile of the Final Exit Network's former medical director:
In those final seconds before his patients lose consciousness and die, the words they utter sound like Donald Duck, he says, imitating the high-pitched, nasally squeak familiar to any child who has sucked a gulp from a helium balloon. So, this is how a human being can leave this Earth? Sounding like Donald Duck?

Final Exit

On the Final Exit Network, a controversial right-to-die organization, and the death of their client John Celmer.


Death Becomes Him

A profile of Ludwig Minelli, the head of the Swiss assisted suicide organization Dignitas.


Angel of Death: The Trial of the Suicide Doctor

“Is he Socrates or Mengele?” On the late Jack Kevorkian.