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By the Time You Read This, I’ll Be Dead

In his own final days, a Right to Die activist tells the story of his secret, illegal assisted-suicide service.


My Right to Die

A personal and legal history of assisted suicide.


“Have You Ever Thought About Killing Someone?”

Doc was a medical student in his 40s, but he spent his nights with the teenagers who hung around his San Antonion apartment complex, buying them drugs and booze. The first time he asked one of them to ritualistically kill him, they laughed it off. He would ask again.


After the death of Jack Kevorkian, Lawrence Egbert is the new public face of American assisted suicide

A profile of the Final Exit Network's former medical director:
In those final seconds before his patients lose consciousness and die, the words they utter sound like Donald Duck, he says, imitating the high-pitched, nasally squeak familiar to any child who has sucked a gulp from a helium balloon. So, this is how a human being can leave this Earth? Sounding like Donald Duck?

Final Exit

On the Final Exit Network, a controversial right-to-die organization, and the death of their client John Celmer.


Death Becomes Him

A profile of Ludwig Minelli, the head of the Swiss assisted suicide organization Dignitas.


Angel of Death: The Trial of the Suicide Doctor

“Is he Socrates or Mengele?” On the late Jack Kevorkian.