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How Did Lamar Odom Fall So Far?

Everything that happened before former NBA star Lamar Odom suffered multiple strokes on the floor of a Pahrump brothel.


Welcome to Paradise

The effects of legalized prostitution in Germany.


The World Cup of Dirty Dreams

Behind the doors of Centaurus, Rio’s most infamous brothel.


The Cold Arab Spring

Chasing the embers of hedonism in Morocco and Tunisia, as Salafi mobs and new regimes wash over the brothels, beaches, and nightclubs of what used to be the Arab world’s most liberal cities.


The Maiden Tribute of Modern Babylon I: the Report of our Secret Commission

Part one of W.T. Snead’s Victorian-era investigation into child prostitution.


Been There. Done What?!

Jillian Lauren, wife of Weezer bassist Scott Shriner, grew up middle class and now lives in a three-bedroom house in L.A. In between, she was a part of a royal harem in Brunei.