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The New Activism of Campus Life

On trigger warnings, allyship, intersectionality, and what’s really eating Oberlin.


Ethics and the Eye of the Beholder

Thomas Pogge is a Yale professor and one of the world’s most prominent ethicists. He also stands accused of sexually harassing his female students.


A College Romance That Led to Murder

Thirty years ago, Elizabeth Haysom and Jens Soering fell in love as freshman at the University of Virginia. It was the same year Haysom’s parents were brutally murdered. Each says the other committed the crime.


Inside Stanford Business School’s Spiraling Sex Scandal

A love triangle between two married professors and the dean goes public.


Murder Most Yale

No one knew how Suzanne Jovin ended up in a wealthy neighborhood away from Yale’s campus in New Haven, or why she was brutally stabbed on the sidewalk, apparently by someone she knew. The only suspect that police named was her thesis advisor.


This Woman Gets Students Accused Of Rape Back Into School — For A Price

A business opportunity stemming from “a moment in time when the debate over how colleges should address sexual assault has reached a fever pitch.”


Jason Rabedeaux Was Here

The mysterious death of one of college basketball’s most promising coaches.


Rush After 'A Rape On Campus'

A UVA alum goes back for the first rush week since the Rolling Stone story.


How to Be Intoxicated

College is when we first get drunk. Euripides’ The Bacchae can help us learn how to do it right.


The January Tunnel

On the way to a reading, an academic stumbles into a mysterious infrastructure.

"For some reason he couldn’t put his finger on he was feeling happy. Naturally it had been a relief to come in out of the rain—though this particular brand of happiness seemed unrelated to anything as simple as relief. No, there was something about being in the tunnel that was making him feel very happy, almost ecstatically so. Against the wall just inside the door someone had arranged cleaning implements—several brooms, a bucket with a mop in it, a pile of rags—but other than that the tunnel was empty. The walls at this end had been painted with the green, glossy paint beloved of institutions the world over, the paint having been applied in what seemed like a spirit of gay abandon. The smooth concrete floor was splashed with it, and it depended in hardened drips from a series of thin pipes running lengthwise along the ceiling."


A Rape on Campus

A brutal assault and the struggle for justice at the University of Virginia.

Note 12/5/14: Rolling Stone has stated that they now doubt details of the facts reported in "A Rape on Campus."

More information is available in T. Rees Shapiro's "U-Va. Fraternity to Rebut Claims of Gang Rape in Rolling Stone" from The Washington Post.


My Vassar College Faculty ID Makes Everything OK

“My Vassar College Faculty ID affords me free smoothies, free printing paper, paid leave, and access to one of the most beautiful libraries on Earth. It guarantees that I have really good health care and more disposable income than anyone in my Mississippi family. But way more than I want to admit, I’m wondering what price we pay for these kinds of ID’s, and what that price has to do with the extrajudicial disciplining and killing of young black human beings.”