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7 articles

Here's Jimmy Kimmel

A profile of the late-night host.


The Comedian Who Became a Joke

The tragi-comic career of a nobody comedian from the 1940s who ditched his wife, child, and eventually his own name.


The Beards Are A Joke

Four unhealthy, bearded, mostly unknown comedians from Atlanta tour 3,020 miles in a van.


The Myth and Legend of Shecky Greene

The name Shecky can vacillate from noun to verb to adjective. The opinion of every comedian during that gilded age of show business, whether they were Republican Bob Hope or hipster Lenny Bruce, is that Shecky Greene was the the wildest of them all. The craziest of them all. Most importantly - the funniest of them all.

Zach Galifianakis Can't Help It

A profile of the up-and-coming comedian just after the cancellation of his VH1 talk show, Late World with Zach. His sentiment at the time: “Hollywood is just such a fucking idiot machine.”


One-Man Show

Louis C.K. has a deal unlike anyone else’s on TV: his network, FX, has no approval rights and offers no notes. He is also the show’s lone writer, editor, director, and star. A profile.


The Goat Boy Rises

On the late comedian Bill Hicks, just as a performance on Letterman is deemed unfit for network TV.