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The Bitcoin Bubble and the Future of Currency

A cultural history of Bitcoin and what happened when the nascent virtual currency began to be covered by the mainstream media.


Mad Money

The rise and fall of Bernard von NotHaus, the creator of the most successful (and some say illegal) alternative currency in the U.S.


Interview: Douglas Rushkoff

An interview with the ‘media ecologist’ on corporations, feudalism, the Dark Ages, the birth of currency, debt, how PR was invented, and why—

"...Any man that has a mortgage to pay is not going to be a revolutionary. With that amount to pay back, he’s got a stake in the system. True, he’s on the short end of the stick of the interest economy, but in 30 years he could own his own home."


Virtual Currency

On Bitcoin, the world’s first “decentralized digital currency.”


Penny Dreadful

Not only is the penny useless, it costs the U.S. Treasury $50 million per year. So why is it still around?