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drug dealing

8 articles

A Dazzling Priest’s Lurid Fall, to Drug Case Suspect

On the Connecticut priest who dealt methamphetamine from his church and ran a sex ring from his apartment.


The Gangster Princess of Beverly Hills

The rise and fall of Lisette Lee, the self-proclaimed “Korean Paris Hilton,” who was busted for drug trafficking.


The New Dealers

The unlikely people who’ve turned to selling weed in the recession.


Heroin.com: Selling Junk Online

How Craigslist dealers do business in New York City.


The Perfect Dealer

Customer feedback on the New York City coke dealing industry.


The One-Man Drug Company

Lenny makes $5,000 a week selling coke. It was easy to get into the business after finishing prep school. Getting out and going legit after his final score is proving much more difficult.


Too Weird for The Wire

When the Feds sought the death penalty for four African-American drug dealers in Baltimore, the accused found a defense in the unlikeliest of places: the legal theories of white supremacists.