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The Bizarre Scheme to Transform a Remote Island into the New Dubai

What happens when an impoverished island nation enters into a deal to sell its own citizenship in bulk.


Far From Home

On the foreign workers of Dubai, who now make up 90 percent of the city’s population.


The Pink Panthers

From a Tokyo smash-and-grab to driving a car through the window of a Dubai jewelry shop, how a ragtag band of Balkan thieves set a new bar for audacious heists.

A member of the Pink Panthers, Milan Poparic, escaped from prison yesterday.


The New Mecca

The author travels to Dubai; Arab children see snow for the first time, which is made by a Kenyan.


State of Play

In eight malls spread across three continents, kids get to try out grown-up jobs in corporate-sponsored theme parks. Welcome to KidZania‚ÄĒcoming soon to the U.S.


Dubai on Empty

The surreal afterlife of the once-ascendant Dubai, where “the legacy of oil has made everything worthless.”


The Dubai Job

Last year, an Mossad hit squad traveled to Dubai to assassinate a Hamas leader. They completed their mission, but were later humiliated when a twenty-seven minute video of their movements was posted online. How their cover got blown.


The Dark Side of Dubai

Seized passports, debtor’s prison, and slave labor prop up a Disneyland in the desert now in decline.