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Far From Home

On the foreign workers of Dubai, who now make up 90 percent of the city’s population.


The Pink Panthers

From a Tokyo smash-and-grab to driving a car through the window of a Dubai jewelry shop, how a ragtag band of Balkan thieves set a new bar for audacious heists.

A member of the Pink Panthers, Milan Poparic, escaped from prison yesterday.


The New Mecca

The author travels to Dubai; Arab children see snow for the first time, which is made by a Kenyan.


State of Play

In eight malls spread across three continents, kids get to try out grown-up jobs in corporate-sponsored theme parks. Welcome to KidZania—coming soon to the U.S.


Dubai on Empty

The surreal afterlife of the once-ascendant Dubai, where “the legacy of oil has made everything worthless.”


The Dubai Job

Last year, an Mossad hit squad traveled to Dubai to assassinate a Hamas leader. They completed their mission, but were later humiliated when a twenty-seven minute video of their movements was posted online. How their cover got blown.


The Dark Side of Dubai

Seized passports, debtor’s prison, and slave labor prop up a Disneyland in the desert now in decline.