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The Citizen-Soldier

“In some ways, joining the military is an act of faith in one’s country—an act of faith that the country will use your life well.”


The Cat Psychic

“Two weeks before Christmas, I was explaining to a friend in town that if I seemed more distressed than usual, it was just because I was trying to accustom myself to the fact that my cat didn’t want to be my cat anymore. ‘No way,’ she said. ‘Here’s what you do: You just call Dawn.’ And then she gave me the cat psychic’s phone number.”

Rachel Monroe is a Longform contributing editor.

427: Ten Years Without Jen, Twenty-Six With

Life after losing your partner.


The Graduate

On navigating the New York media world as a young journalist.


Notes From My Suicide

The view from a low point.


Blood Ties

On claiming the conquistador Juan Ponce de León as an ancestor and the fictions we tell ourselves.


The First Time Texas Killed One of My Clients

An attorney pieces together a life cut short.


Anatomy of a Divorce

The author ponders the dissolution of his own marriage, and others.



On applying to work as an undercover agent.


Death of a Pig

On the grief that comes with losing livestock.


Windows on the Will

A trip to the zoo, Charlie Kaufman’s new film, and human despair.


Love—In Other Words

“Love purifies. Suffering never purified anybody; suffering merely intensifies the self-directed drives within us. Any act of love, however--no matter how small--lessens anxiety's grip, gives us a taste of tomorrow, and eases the yoke of our fears. Love, unlike virtue, is not its own reward. The reward of love is peace of mind, and peace of mind is the end of man's desiring.”

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