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Justin Bieber Would Like to Reintroduce Himself

A conversation about God, anxiety, and the monkey.


Adele: A Private Life

“My career is not my life. It’s a hobby.”


Taylor Swift Runs the World

A conversation with “the most popular human alive.”


HD Immortality

A lifelong obsession with becoming a reality TV star takes its final turn.

"I have to hand it to this show’s producers. They have real balls to do something so big,so real. They got carnage right. Around me lie bits of charred metal, a hand, and two smoldering tray tables. The air smells like our kitchen Christmas Day but without the garlic.A gray haze hovers to the left, fed by smoke chimneys swirling from plane parts. Where are the other contestants? Where are the camera crews? Filming with hidden cameras is common, but this level of innovation in shooting unnerves me. Hey, the whole scenario unnerves me. Who wants to see a disembodied hand on a scrubby dune? I knew to be ready for challenges and twists and drama whether the show was about fashion or losing weight, but tragedy is new for me–an aspect of reality I haven’t studied."


This Is the Part Where the Superhero Discovers He Is Mortal

What happened to Wesley Autrey after he jumped in front of a New York City subway train to save a man’s life.


Playboy Interview: Bob Dylan

Six months after playing an electric guitar at the Newport Folk Festival, a rambling Dylan holds forth on style, songwriting, and fame. “People have one great blessing—obscurity—and not really too many people are thankful for it.”