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The Smartest Girls in the Room

How an obscure Australian judge and a hard-charging lawyer put the S&P on trial for the global financial collapse.


Life of a Salesman

Frank Firetti, a 54-year-old pool salesman in Virginia, and his fading American dream.


How Ina Drew Got Swallowed by the London Whale

JPMorgan Chase’s $6 billion mistake and the woman who took the fall.


Rethinking Robert Rubin

An assessment of the former Secretary of the Treasury.


Alan Greenspan on His Fed Legacy and the Economy

"Before I met Ayn Rand, I was a logical positivist, and accordingly, I didn’t believe in absolutes, moral or otherwise. If I couldn’t prove a proposition with facts and figures, it was without merit. In the midst of a conversation, she said to me, “Do I understand the thrust of your position? You are not certain you exist?” I hesitated a moment, and I said, “I can’t be sure.” And she then said to me, “And who, by chance, is answering that question?” With that little exchange, she undermined the philosophical structure I had built for myself. "

Getting Away with It

How Wall Street thoroughly dominated Obama’s economic policy.


The Last Days of MF Global

“Jon Corzine had never had anything to do with the futures business, had never run a public company, and hadn’t worked on Wall Street for a decade. His time there had ended badly. But by any reasonable standard, the former Goldman chief seemed almost embarrassingly overqualified. Says Flowers: ‘It seemed like we had more CEO than company.’”


In Nothing We Trust

The infuriating tale of Muncie, Indiana: When public institutions fail.



A fiction writer buys and loses a house in Oakland.


Letter from Dublin

A pub’s-eye view of Ireland’s recent run of leaders.


How We Were All Misled

On Michael Lewis and the global financial crisis.

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The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright

On 20-somethings in America, or:

My screwed, coddled, self-absorbed, mocked, surprisingly resilient generation.