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Baptism by Fire

A rookie firefighter confronts his first test.

Previously: The Longform Guide to Fire.


19: The True Story of the Yarnell Fire

The Granite Mountain Hotshots, an outfit of professional wildland firefighters, had 20 members. On June 30, 19 of them lost their lives.


The Line of Fire

How volunteer firefighters responded to a lethal West, Texas explosion.


In the Line of Wildfire

Embedded with the “hotshots” trying to battle forest fires.


Death of a Building

A historic Little Rock building and its owner, before and after a catastrophic fire.


4:52 on Christmas Morning

A father’s life, one year after the death of his three daughters in a fire.


The Fire Next Door

A chronicle of the 2010 wildfire that burned down 169 homes in Colorado, told via the people who lived through it.


A World on Fire

The story of eight young people who died in a New Orleans squat fire.


The Town That Burned Itself Down

For 18 months, Coatesville, Penn., was besieged with an improbable number of arsons.  But who started the fires – and why?