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global warming

9 articles

Aspen and the End of Snow

How the ski town of the super-rich is responding to global warming.


The World In the Evening

A narrator's strange daily life is fused with strange appearances from the natural world.

"Freezing, I sprang from bed and assembled, in darkness relieved only by a bluish gleam cast by the iceberg, sweaters, flannel pajama bottoms, my heaviest wool socks, and a down-filled coat suitable for an assault on Everest. For the iceberg that crowded my bedroom was no symbol of the world’s entropy or of a man’s estrangement from his kind, nor was it any longer a figment of the dreaming mind. (We don’t suffer cold in dreams, nor do we sneeze as I did twice while fumbling at my clothes.) Dressed, I drew aside the rime-stiffened curtain and gazed out on a flotilla of icebergs gliding solemnly down the flooded street. (To acknowledge, as you no doubt have, that I spawned one berg, a pack of them is easily granted.)"


Drowning Kiribati

Due to global warming, this island nation may cease to exist in 20 years.



An unlikely environmentalist exposes the natural gas industry’s leaky infrastructure.


Chemotherapy for the Climate?

On geoengineering, a high risk/high reward fix for global warming.


Climate Change and the End of Australia

How an increase in the earth’s temperature could wipe out a continent.


The Coming Storm

What overcrowded and swelling Bangladesh can tell us about how the planet’s population, more than 1/3 of which live within 62 miles of a shoreline, will react to rising sea levels.


Prodigal Sun

Energy problems are long problems that often receive short solutions. In 2000, when Mother Jones ran this history about what happened to the energy research boom of the late 70s and early 80s, I was buying $0.99 a gallon gas for my Escort. I chose this story because I think longform journalism can keep people interested in these issues that require decadal attention but are subject to year-to-year fluctuations in public interest. And it’s a great story.

-A. Madrigal


Dirty Coal, Clean Future

America, China, and the case for coal as a vital weapon in the war against climate change.