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Should We Get Used to Mass Shootings?

“This is the story of those 10 days, the new and relentless strain of gun violence in America, and the desperate need for us not to look away.”

Michael Paterniti on the Longform Podcast

Erik Prince in the Hot Seat

The U.S. Department of Justice investigates the Blackwater founder’s new firm.


“Now We’re A Hard Target”

Most of the country is trying to keep guns out of schools. A town in rural Idaho is taking the opposite approach.


Women and Guns

Ten stories on guns, ranging from competitive shooting, to girl gangs in Chicago, to the sisters and mothers of mass shooting victims.


A Survivor's Life

Her 4th day of college was a mass shooting. Here is what life is like afterward.


How the Gun Control Debate Ignores Black Lives

We know that certain programs can help prevent gun deaths among black men. No one in Washington seems to care.


Who's the Alpha Male Now, Bitches?

On the manifestos that mass shooters leave behind.


Hunting Rebecca Francis

The woman trophy hunter, notorious for her controversial “hero shot” beside a dead giraffe, profiled.


Battleground America

On the insanity of U.S. gun laws.


Zimmerman Family Values

Their paranoid existence more than two years after George killed Trayvon Martin.


On the Shore of the Great Salt Plains Lake Near Jet, Oklahoma

Sex, potential violence, and human awkardness convene on an isolated shore.

"A slight breeze brings slight relief from the heat and a taste of the saltwater lapping against the hard sand. He’s been here many times. Though he has no desire to kill a bird, he loves this place, this lonely beach at the edge of this lonely lake too shallow for boats and too lifeless to attract fishermen. He loves the sand bugs and the sharp edges of the sand grass. Especially he loves the deep shade beneath the willow trees, and the sound of the cicadas’ music in the sun."


'Uncle Leland'

Leland Yee was a career San Francisco politician known for championing open government and gun control. For the last few years, he was also the main target of an elaborate undercover investigation, during which he traded political favors for cash, tried to sell $2 million worth of weapons to a medical marijuana kingpin and worked closely with well-known Chinatown gangster named Raymond “Shrimp Boy” Chow.