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Sex Without Fear

The debate surrounding Truvada, the first drug approved by the FDA to prevent HIV.


Magic Act: The Making Of Earvin Johnson, AIDS Saint

“His life with the virus would be his witness, his public testimony. Performance as life, and life as performance.”


Sex, Lies and HIV

On the criminalization of nondisclosure.


Tommy Morrison's Latest Big Fight

In search of the former boxing champ, who refuses to believe he has HIV.


Please Don't Infect Me, I'm Sorry

Sex and status disclosure in the age of Grindr and undetectable HIV-levels.


Odd Blood: Serodiscordancy, or, Life With an HIV-Positive Partner

I've grown, over the last few months, the beginnings of concerned; he's started to suffer bouts of malaise. Nothing too regular, or too terrible: mild stomach aches, sore joints, general lethargy. In anyone else, it could be anything, etc. In Chad, I grow attuned to the slightest variation in temperature, to the distracted look behind his eyes when food isn't sitting with him.

The Man Who Had HIV and Now Does Not

Timothy Brown was diagnosed with HIV in the ’90s. In 2006, he found that a new, unrelated disease threatened his life: leukemia. After chemo failed, doctors resorted to a bone marrow transplant. That transplant erased any trace of HIV from his body, and may hold the secret of curing AIDS.