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Conservatives Anonymous

Inside Friends of Abe, one of Hollywood’s most influential (and most discreet) political organizations.


Hollywood's Forgotten Gossip Girl

Fifty years ago, Rona Barrett forged a Hollywood gossip empire. Then she left it all behind, her innovations attributed to others, her legacy almost entirely overlooked.

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Becoming Meryl Streep

How a 29-year-old actress, reeling from the death of her first love and battling Dustin Hoffman off-screen, found herself on the set of Kramer vs. Kramer.

Excerpted from Her Again.

Real Talk With RuPaul

“I made a pact with myself when I was 15 that if I was going to live this life, I'm only going to do it on my terms, and I'm only going to do it if I'm putting my middle finger up at society the whole time. So any time I've had yearnings to go, "Aw, gee, I wish I could be invited to the Emmys," I say, Ru, Ru, remember the pact you made. You never wanted to be a part of that bullshit. In fact, I'd rather have an enema than have an Emmy.”

The Mysterious Vision of Jeff Nichols, Hollywood’s Next Blockbuster Auteur

How the director of Midnight Special thinks strategically about his art and his career.


The Haunted Twilight of Richard Simmons

Two years ago, the fitness guru abruptly disappeared from public life. His friends worry that he’s being held against his will inside his Hollywood Hills mansion, or something even worse.


The Go-Between

Kate del Castillo, the actress who brought Sean Penn to Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, tells her side of the story.


Oscar Night in Hollywood

As early as 1948, the Oscars sucked.


The Spectacular Fall of a TV Genius

How David Milch, the creator of NYPD Blue and Deadwood, blew his $100 million fortune at the track.


TMZ Redefines Celebrity Dirt

Harvey Levin runs a gossip site that operates like an intelligence agency.


The Shade Room Is Coming for the Gossip Industry's Wig

Angie Nwandu has no journalism experience. No publishing experience. She’s 25. And in less than two years she has created an entirely new way to cover — and profit from — celebrity gossip.