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Higher and Higher

Defensive end Shawn King was the 36th pick in the 1995 draft. His career with the Carolina Panthers didn’t turn out as planned.


Big Pothead vs. Big Pot

In what will likely be his last political act, Willie Nelson declares war on corporate marijuana.


Spike Nation

What it’s like to be a first responder amid the rise of synthetic marijuana.


Dab Artists

Inside the world of “Wooks,” the loner-craftsmen behind the coming marijuana-concentrate boom.


The Cannabis Queen of Beverly Hills

Cheryl Shuman has been a coupon queen, an optician to the stars and the plaintiff in a lawsuit against Steven Segal. Now she’s the face of the high-end weed market.

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The Desperate Journey

Hundreds of families have flocked to Colorado hoping medical marijuana will relieve their children’s epileptic seizures. This is the story of one family’s migration.


Kid Cannabis

The rise and fall of a chubby Idaho pizza delivery boy turned weed kingpin.


Heart of the Emerald Triangle

Life on a weed farm in Humboldt County.



The challenges of establishing a legal marijuana economy in Washington State.


The Willy Wonka of Pot

A trip to Hempfest with cannabis breeder DJ Short.


The True Story of the Great Marijuana Crash of 2011

The rise and fall of Colorado’s newly-legal cash crop.


Coronado High

How a group of hippie surfers and a former Spanish teacher built the largest weed-smuggling empire on the West Coast.

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