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The Slumdog Millionaire Architect

How Hafeez Contractor is creating an alternate India in the sky, where professionsals are “insulated from the chaos that has long hamstrung their homeland.”


Between Roses in Mumbai

The story of a young man on the run in the slum he dreams of escaping.


Slumdog Golfer

 The same forces that put his family in the slum also gave him the golf course on the other side of the wall, and the teachers and sponsors, and the strange ability to hit a ball with a club. But it still doesn't make sense. Sometimes it seems as if fate is wrestling with itself, making sure the circumstances of his birth are always conspiring to take away whatever gifts might allow him to escape it. He lives in two worlds, each one pulling away from the other. Anil is in the middle, trying to keep his balance.

The Man Behind Mumbai

An investigation into Lashkar-i-Taiba, the group behind the 2008 Mumbai massacre, and why Pakistani authorities has not arrested their leaders.


Jukeboxes on the Moon

Slumdog Millionaire, the 2008 Mumbai attacks, and the arrival of "New India" in the American imagination.

60 Hours of Terror

The defining, minute-by-minute account of the 2008 attacks in Mumbai.