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The Devil and the Art Dealer

On the discovery of a billion dollars worth of artwork looted by Nazis in the cramped apartment of a Munich recluse.


Hiding in N. Virginia, a Daughter of Auschwitz

The quiet life of Brigette Höss, 80, whose father ran Auschwitz.


Last Champions of the Third Reich

The story of the 1944 German national soccer championship game.


Ivan the Recumbent, or Demjanjuk in Munich

A report from the trial of Ivan Demjanjuk—a.k.a. “The Last Nazi”—who died on March 17.


Mengele’s Skull

Tracking the Nazi doctor’s bones through South America.


John Demjanjuk: The Last Nazi

John Demjanjuk has had a huge year. Twenty years after being sentenced to die, he finally climbed to the pinnacle of the Wiesenthal Center's list of Nazi war criminals this April, shortly after the Germans filed the arrest warrant that allowed the OSI to put him on the jet to Munich.