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The Cranky Wisdom of Peter Kaplan

The former editor of the New York Observer, profiled.


How Do You Explain Gene Weingarten?

A profile of the eccentric Gene Weingarten, the only person to twice win the Pulitzer for feature writing.


The Birth of 'The New Journalism'; Eyewitness Report by Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe on the development of ”New Journalism,” an unconventional reporting style which he helped to pioneer.

I had the feeling, rightly or wrongly, that I was doing things no one had ever done before in journalism. I used to try to imagine the feeling readers must have had upon finding all this carrying on and cutting up in a Sunday supplement. I liked that idea. I had no sense of being a part of any normal journalistic or literary environment.


All The Dirt That’s Fit To Print

How the National Enquirer became a 2010 Pulitzer contender without straying from its roots as a supermarket tabloid.