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The Last American Man

At age 17, Eustace Conway moved into the North Carolina woods. He hasn’t compromised since.


Life's Swell

On surfer girls in Maui; the story that led to the film Blue Crush.


Playing Doc's Games

Surfing San Francisco with a true believer.


Raising the Dead

When deep sea diver Dave Shaw reached the bottom of Bushman’s Hole, he discovered the body of Deon Dreyer. Though Dreyer had been gone for 10 years, Shaw was determined to bring him back.


The Bull on the Mountain

A hike gone terribly wrong.


On the Shore of the Great Salt Plains Lake Near Jet, Oklahoma

Sex, potential violence, and human awkardness convene on an isolated shore.

"A slight breeze brings slight relief from the heat and a taste of the saltwater lapping against the hard sand. He’s been here many times. Though he has no desire to kill a bird, he loves this place, this lonely beach at the edge of this lonely lake too shallow for boats and too lifeless to attract fishermen. He loves the sand bugs and the sharp edges of the sand grass. Especially he loves the deep shade beneath the willow trees, and the sound of the cicadas’ music in the sun."


The Immortal Horizon

The story of the 100 mile Barkley Marathons.

What makes it so bad? No trail, for one. A cumulative elevation gain that’s nearly twice the height of Everest.


Attacked by a Grizzly [Part 2]

What it takes to recover from a near-death brawl with a bear.


Attacked by a Grizzly [Part 1]

A (graphically) detailed account of a bear’s attack on a father and daughter hiking in Glacier National Park.



When a boulder shifts and pins his hand, a climber on a solo trip is forced to do the unthinkable: amputate his own arm. A first-person account of the six-day ordeal, excerpted from Ralston’s Between a Rock and a Hard Place.


Higher, Colder, Deadlier

A group of childhood friends, two of whom had already climbed Everest, finds tragedy on Mont Blanc.


Into Thin Air

Fifty-four days after his group’s Everest climb turned tragic, Krakauer first told the story of what had gone wrong.