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"Who's Gonna Get Me A Beer?"

An interview with a blotto Lee Marvin.


Playboy Interview: Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert

“Ebert: Sometimes we do really dislike each other.

Siskel: And sometimes we don’t.”


Roger Ebert: The Essential Man

A profile of the late critic.


My Roger Ebert Story

“The first time I was ever published in a book was 1997. It was because I found Roger Ebert’s email and asked him a question.”


The Original Frenemies

An oral history of Siskel and Ebert.


I Was Born Inside the Movie of My Life

Extracted from the author’s memoir, Life Itself.

The British satirist Auberon Waugh once wrote a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph asking readers to supply information about his life between birth and the present, explaining that he was writing his memoirs and had no memories from those years. I find myself in the opposite position. I remember everything. All my life I've been visited by unexpected flashes of memory unrelated to anything taking place at the moment. These retrieved moments I consider and replace on the shelf.


The Pot and How to Use It

On the elegance and utility of the rice cooker.