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south africa

10 articles

An Interview with the President

Barack Obama on Africa, Putin and the gap between what CEOs tell him over lunch and what they tell their lobbyists.


Nadine Gordimer: The Art of Fiction No. 77

“I come to America, I go to England, I go to France…nobody’s at risk. They’re afraid of getting cancer, losing a lover, losing their jobs, being insecure. … It’s only in my own country that I find people who voluntarily choose to put everything at risk—in their personal life.”


"I Have Sinned Against the Lord and Against You! Will You Forgive Me?"

Adriaan Vlok, a former apartheid leader, seeks redemption.


In the Jungle

How legends of the American music industry made millions off the work of Solomon Linda, a Zulu tribesman who wrote “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and died a pauper.


A House Divided

Why the integration of a South African university didn’t last.


"You Have All the Reasons to Be Angry"

The fight for South Africa’s future.


Watching the Murder of an Innocent Man

In a shantytown near Johannesburg, an angry mob committed a horrifying crime that was caught on video.


The Doctor Will Sue You Know

Mattathias Rath made a fortune selling cure-all vitamins in Europe before moving his business to South Africa, where he launched a massive campaign against retroviral AIDS medications and in favor of his own vitamin cocktails. When scientists, AIDS non-profits, and even Medecins San Frontieres objected, he sued.


The Healer

After a racial hazing incident, the first black head of South Africa’s University of Free State confronts the myths of the reconciliation era.


The Smit Murders Reexamined

It is agreed that the 1977 political murder of a couple in Johannesburg was a political killing that covered up mysterious Swiss Bank deposits. Various reports implicate Cuban Nationalists, Italian Fascists and the CIA.