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10 articles

A Voice Heard

A survivor of child abuse refuses to be silenced.


Tavi Gevinson Just Graduated High School

A profile of the Rookie editor-in-chief, who makes her Broadway debut next week.


Life Savings

An old crush is remembered via childhood memories and an unusual anecdote.

"Then he began wearing pastel skateboarding-themed shirts. SKATEBOARDING IS NOT A CRIME, one said. Wallace Marguerite is not committing a crime, Stella thought. It was novel and thrilling, true whether or not he was a skateboarder. She never saw a skateboard."


A Trip to Japan in Sixteen Minutes

In 1902, a poet attempts to stage the world’s first “perfume concert.”


The Life and Death of Juliano Mer-Khamis

On the assassination of a half-Palestinian, half-Jewish cultural revolutionary.


Nora Ephron's Final Act

A son tries to make sense of his mother’s end.


Why She Fell

On tragedy, mythology, and the spectacular crash of the Spider-Man musical and its creator, Julie Taymor.


Fading Horrors of the Grand Guignol

The macabre, ultra-violent plays put on at the Grand Guignol defined an era in Paris, attracting foreign tourists, aristocrats, and celebrities. Goering and Patton saw plays there in the same year. But the carnage of WWII ultimately undermined the shock of Guignol’s brutality, and audiences disappeared.


The Intelligent Homosexual’s Guide to Himself

Tony Kushner and the burdens of being one of the last public intellectuals in American theater.


Everything Alright?

At three NYC comedy theater/schools, students and students-turned-instructors (a “benign pyramid scheme”) pursue the elusive simulacrum of human interaction that is longform improvisation.