Abe Sauer

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What I Learned in Two Years at the Tea Party

One reason the Tea Party's patriotic political statements are so taupe is that they mirror the religious rhetoric, which is high on generalizations about God and low on nuance and complexity and conflict. Go ahead, replace "constitution" and "patriotism" with "God" and "faith" in some tea party speech sometime—it's not as wacky as it should be.

Wisconsin, Inc.: New Republican Politics in the Age of the Recall

This new strain of Republican is not one Wisconsin, nor the United States, has ever seen...The new Republicans are corporate wrecking crews, given a sledgehammer, a piece of legislation and a command to "make it fit."

Two Hours in Marinette: Lessons From a School Shooting

A student fires three shots during a sixth period social studies class. “Then nothing happened, and that’s a problem.”